Here are Four Perfect Gifts For Moms This Holiday Season!

Here are Four Perfect Gifts For Moms This Holiday Season!

Sure, the “perfect gifts” are always the ones you can’t put a price tag on – the home-cooked pan of lasagna you brought over for dinner, the time you held down the fort so she could catch a nap, the surprise bag of coffee you brought on a day where she’d run out of it, the day you spent simply running all her errands, or that piece of well-timed advice that was just the right solution to her crisis. 

Even though you know this, it still FEELS GOOD to put a little something into a bag or a box, wrap it up nice, and present it to the mother of your children that you love dearly. She works hard at “the most underappreciated job in the world” and gives of herself all day (and night!), so you want to give her a symbolic offering that shows you see her struggle - and you care. 

With all the expenses that come along with a baby, new moms often put themselves last. That’s why these luxurious clothing gifts are the perfect choice to pamper that new mom in your life this Christmas. 

The Davy Nursing & Maternity Pajamas

the davy nursing pajamas

There are clothes you wear for sheer necessity’s sake; there are clothes you feel guilty about getting rid of, that sit in your wardrobe even though they don’t fit or feel exactly right; and then there are clothes you wish you’d bought 100 of because they are just so, so right. For years, “an amazing pair of nursing pajamas” landed on my Christmas list. I longed for them, but I never found a pair I loved. I suspected something better was out there, but I hadn’t found it. (I remember going through the racks at the store where I bought my breast pump and thinking, “Oh, if I only had $200 to spare on this fancy nursing apparel, GEEZ! Who does?”) My other mom friends let me know I was not alone in my desire, so I set out to make the perfect pajamas that fit all my needs, without blowing out my budget. 

These nursing pajamas are the culmination of many research hours. I wanted a look that was snug and tailored enough to be flattering and sexy, but just loose enough to give you comfortable breathing room at a time where even an errant seam from your underwear or a bra underwire can be abrasive. I sought the softest material that could withstand all the inevitable milk-splashed washings, a style that would be functional and easy-to-use in the middle of the night when you feel desperate to deliver nourishment to your exasperated baby bird as quickly as possible. 

Reviewers have said these pajamas are:
“Good quality”
“Perfect for lounging”
“Offer privacy and practicality”
“Fit well for my recovery period”
“The most comfortable pajamas”
“Surprisingly cool against my skin”
“A lifesaver for those first few weeks”
“Modest enough for visiting with guests”
“Very flattering, with easy access for nursing”
Replace that old threadbare Target nightie mom’s wearing with this affordable, yet luxurious, set for $50. 

The Angelina Nursing & Maternity Gown / Dress

the angelina nightgown

You may not be familiar with “modal”, a type of super-soft Rayon derived from Beech trees - but anyone who has tried the Kindred Bravely products knows it’s part of what makes our products beyond anything they’ve ever worn before. This gown is combined with a little bit of spandex for a feeling that is stretchy and cozy. A mom’s life is busy: there are visitors constantly stopping by to see the newborn, but she always has to be ready-to-nurse. She’s struggling with the need to be comfortable, yet the desire to get out of the maternity gear and into “real” clothes again. This Angelina is the perfect solution.

People say this gown:
“Looks dressy”
“Has a flattering fit”
“Has butter-soft fabric”
“Could be worn outside the house”
“Covers well and offers good support”
“Is so versatile – it’s unheard of at this price
Here is a gift that can transition from night to day that she’ll want to live in. Buy it for $40.

The French Terry Nursing Tank Top

the french terry tank top

Whether she’s on her very first baby or her fourth, the mom in your life can always use another nursing tank top. But this one is like no other! The upper portion offers a snugger, supportive fit to hold mom in place while she’s sleeping or lounging, while soft, cool lower material drapes and flows comfortably over a post-partum tummy with enough length to cover. The cut is flattering enough to make this camisole a staple for a woman’s wardrobe long after the littlest one’s been weaned.

Reviewers say this top offers:
“Full coverage”
“Breathable material”
“Fits snugly where it should”
“A good substitute nursing sleep bra”
“Doesn’t add bulk to a post-partum tummy”
“No issues with roughness, rubbing, or straps”
Every mom needs a more than one good nursing tank. Buy it for $30. 

The Seamless Sublime Nursing Bra

the seamless sublime bra

Before designing this bra, I tried a LOT of different nursing bras – and I mean A LOT. It seemed like every one had features I liked, but none of them were the complete package. The Seamless Sublime gives moms the adjustable straps and easy clasp system for daytime support, but the straps are a bit wider and softer than other brands, so they won’t leave marks on her skin. The band around the bottom is also a bit wider to provide lift, without feeling too constricting. The material is memorable and stand-out – truly the softest fabric you’ve ever felt, next to silk, but it’s more stable than cotton when thrown through the rigors of motherhood. It’s stretchy and luxurious, but won’t lose its form as the days pass, making it the perfect bra for everyday wear. 

Wearers say:
 “This is the only bra I can stand with my changing size!”
 “I'd recommend this over the Bravado Silk Seamless.”
“The material is super soft and the band is comfortable.”
“Having nursed five babies, I know what I want in a nursing bra – and this is it!”
 “It can easily function both as a sleep bra (with or without cups) and a daytime bra.”
“I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars looking for a comfortable, yet supportive, bra like this one!”
 The right nursing bra is a real lifesaver and is an essential part of every breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe. Buy it for $30.


Here’s one more thing we want you to know…

Buying clothes for yourself or someone else can be hard. You probably don’t want to ask about the bust size of a loved one or make your purchase too obvious. Kindred Bravely just started and we are a small family-run business. I truly care about each and every one of you! I’m accessible to every buyer for support and will work to make exchanges or returns hassle-free and easy. I want every mom to be 100% satisfied, so even if she’s removed the tags, worn it, washed it, had it spit up on or even pooped on (it’s happened), we will replace or refund it, free of charge, no problem. Just send me an email at