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Kindred Bravely's Fourth Birthday

Kindred Bravely's Fourth Birthday

kindred bravely's fourth birthday, anniversary sale on nursing clothes

Birthdays are a big deal at Kindred Bravely. From our own birthdays to our KB birthdays (work anniversaries) to KB’s birthday (it’s our fourth anniversary!), we love having a chance to reflect on each passing year, celebrate what's happened so far, and look ahead at what could come next. Since we’re a staff of mostly moms, we also think it’s important to celebrate birth (or birthing) days (our kids’ birthdays). We love acknowledging those births, the days we became mothers -- or mothers once again. Especially for the first few years, moms often appreciate those birthday wishes more than their kiddos.

Since birthdays are for family, we want each and every one of you to know how thankful we are to have you as part of our Kindred Bravely family. Throughout the last four years, we’ve been in constant awe of the stories you share with us every day; your courage, kindness, and generosity touch our hearts, and we are privileged to be part of your lives.

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We’d like to ring in our new year with an acknowledgment of just how grateful we are for the moms who support Kindred Bravely and form the vibrant, encouraging community we always dreamed of.

We created our first graphic T-shirt to emphasize that when we’re united in motherhood, we’re unstoppable. With “mother” in just a few of the many languages our BraveMoms speak and the coziest fit imaginable, this tee is your new Supermom costume.  

united in motherhood, fourth anniversary sale

Since no birthday party is complete without games and presents, we’re giving this T-shirt away during our special Spin to Win party game, which runs from our birthday, Friday, June 7 (today!), to Monday, June 10. Here are some of the free items you can win:

Kindred Bravely's Fourth Birthday

  • Graphic T-shirt with purchase
  • French Terry Bra with purchase
  • French Terry Tank with purchase

Or you could win great discounts like

  • $20 off $80 purchase
  • Buy one get one 50% off
  • 20% off total purchase

The icing on the cake? From June 7 - 10, we’re having a huge anniversary clearance sale.

birthing days, kindred bravely's fourth birthday

With all these festivities and our very first graphic tee, we’re celebrating you and how you’ve made our fourth birthday possible!


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