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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag
What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag
Guest Post by Sophia Carr, Instagram Manager

Throughout my entire second pregnancy, I felt like I was making a mental checklist of what I wanted to pack in my hospital bag. I was determined to keep it simple (no overpacking this time!) and, most importantly, comfortable. Your hospital bag really is all about you and what you will need to make your hospital stay a little more enjoyable.

I had an emergency C-section with our first, so I made sure every piece of clothing would work for a repeat C-section or the VBAC I was hoping for. This time around, my packing was spot on -- I was so happy to have everything I brought. Here’s what I packed:

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

Grey French Terry Bra: I absolutely LOVED laboring in this bra. You’re already in pain while you work through contractions; you shouldn’t be stuck in an uncomfortable bra. If you’re like me, you get super warm and sometimes just need to take your gown off. The French Terry Bra kept me covered so I wasn’t too exposed (even though all modesty goes out the window during childbirth, anyway), and I loved that it felt like a little piece of home, since I wore one to bed every night during pregnancy.

French Terry Bra

Socks: I got so many compliments on my socks in the hospital! All of the nurses loved them and couldn’t get over how cute they were. Not only are the sayings adorable, but I also loved their cut and that they weren’t super long like the hospital-provided socks.

Labor & Delivery Gown: I initially had to wear a hospital gown so the nurses and doctors could monitor my contractions and check my cervix to determine whether I was making enough progress. It felt like I had draped a super rough bed sheet over my body! I was so relieved when I was admitted and able to change into my own gown. The Labor & Delivery Gown was so much softer. I loved that I could open it up from the front whenever I started to feel like I was getting too warm, while still remaining somewhat covered.

Labor & Delivery Gown

Simply Sublime Nursing Bra: This is the perfect everyday bra. I’m a 30G, and this bra still looks AMAZING under clothes (yay for no uni-boob). It’s also incredibly comfortable on those days when I’m feeling extra-engorged. The Simply Sublime Bra is even perfect for fluctuations in your breast size once your milk starts to come in.

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads: Trust me when I say you NEED these nursing pads. They do so much more than just catch leaks -- they protect your nipples from extra friction (when they’re already super-sensitive) while also protecting your nursing bras and tanks from things like nipple balm and lanolin. I learned the hard way with my first son that nipple balms will ruin your clothes!

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Simply Sublime Nursing Tank: If I want to change up my outfit for visitors, I go for this tank. I wear it under a robe or sweater with leggings. It goes with everything! It’s super comfy and easy to unclip with one hand. It also offers enough support that you don’t need to wear a bra underneath.

Postpartum Panties: Mesh panties can be great for the first few days when the bleeding is really heavy, but after that, I found myself sick of constantly having to pull them up, adjust the leg openings, and unroll the waistband. The Postpartum Panties are great because they fit perfectly while leaving plenty of room for those gigantic postpartum pads! Plus, they look great under your clothes, unlike the hospital panties.

Postpartum Panties

Louisa Leggings: For my first son, I packed low-waisted yoga pants. After having a C-section, I quickly learned that you should only pack high-waisted pants, just in case. In the event of an emergency C-section, you will be so glad you planned ahead. With our first, I was incredibly uncomfortable because my pants kept rubbing on my incision; I stayed in my hospital gown the entire time. I wish I would’ve been able to enjoy that experience a little more and not felt so frumpy. For my second son, I was so grateful to have the Louisas.

Angelina Nursing & Maternity Nightgown: This is the perfect gown for your hospital stay, as well as when you’re back home! It’s incredibly easy to nurse in, so you are still covered when visitors come to see you and baby. The Angelina also makes it easier to take those tricky first trips to the bathroom and for the nurses to check your postpartum bleeding and if your uterus is contracting.

Angelina Gown

In addition to clothing, here are a few other essential items I brought:

  • Extra-long charging cord for your phone: Many outlets are behind the hospital bed, which makes it impossible to reach your phone when it’s plugged in unless you have an extra-long cord.
  • Snacks: These are a must. I packed (and ate!) lots of granola bars and nuts for energy boosts.
  • Herbal perineal spray: I was so glad I thought ahead and packed this! I was worried that my dreams of a VBAC wouldn’t happen and I wouldn’t need it, but I brought it anyway. I did get the VBAC, and the herbal spray helped me feel so much better as I healed.
  • Nipple balm: A must for those newborn latches! Your hospital may provide some, but I was glad to have a couple options to try out.
  • Flip-flops for the shower: The germaphobe in me had to bring these.
  • Makeup: You never know if you’ll want it done for photos!
  • Makeup removing/cleansing wipes: Even if you don’t wear makeup in the hospital, you’ll appreciate how quick, easy, and comforting it is to “wash” your face without having to get out of bed.
  • Toiletries: I bought a toothbrush and travel-sized shampoo in advance and packed them in my bag.  I didn’t want to have to remember to grab them on my way out the door. When you’re busy breathing through contractions, remembering to grab your toothbrush shouldn’t be on your mind!
  • Slippers: I loved having comfy shoes with a hard sole so that I could walk around the halls for a change of scenery. Hospital floors are super hard and have zero padding. Your feet will thank you if you wear shoes with a hard sole!
  • Emmaline Maternity & Nursing Robe: I sincerely wish I would’ve had the new Emmaline Robe for my delivery! It is the perfect addition to the Simply Sublime Nursing Tank and Louisa Leggings combo. It’s so cozy and cute, and I’ve been loving it for nursing.