Meet the Kindred Bravely Social Media Team

Meet the Kindred Bravely Social Media Team

 As busy moms, you know how important it is to have a supportive team, from partners and family, to new and old friends, community is super important. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to introduce you to my incredible social media team. These wonderful women help keep the working parts moving on all our channels so I can stay connected with you, my awesome second family. 


 -My husband and I started dating when we were 14. Neither of us has ever dated anyone else. We found out it runs in my family: my mom and dad only dated each other, my mom's parents and my grandma's parents were the same; they all began dating as teenagers. So needless to say, we will be very cautious about who our daughter's first boyfriend is.

-We got married in Juneau, AK, overlooking Mendenhall Glacier. We plan to retire there one day.

-I love art. Watercolors and photography are my favorite ways to be creative.

-I was a wedding photographer for 5 years and ran my own business until baby #4 came along.

-My husband loves to hunt and convinced me to go turkey hunting with him once. I shot a turkey within 5 minutes of being out with him and haven't gone since.

-We spend almost every summer at our lake cabin with no electricity.

-My husband and I love to run and have plans to train for a 50k trail run together in the next few years.

-I drink way way too much coffee.

-I do an average of 20 loads of laundry a week for our family of seven.

-I breastfed my twins for over a year. It was the best year of my life because I got to eat an obscene amount of ice cream and still lose weight

-It's always difficult to get the whole family in one photo, since either my husband or I usually take the pictures.

-Favorite Kindred Bravely item: the Angelina nightgown because they're pajamas I can wear in public.


-I was a collegiate rower.

-I sold my car in college and bought a motorcycle which was my sole mode of transportation for over a year.

-I have a degree in nursing and I am working towards becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

-My husband and I got married in Rocky Mountain National Park.

-My husband is one of 10 children, so family gatherings are a hoot!

-My youngest son was born at home with a nurse midwife in attendance who delivered three of my husband's siblings.

-We love to travel, especially to the mountains.

-I would love to have four children.

-My favorite color is purple and I love sparkly things.

-My hair is always in a "mom bun".

-Favorite Kindred Bravely items: Angelina and Marvella.

-I wear black almost everyday. My husband is so used to it that he thinks it’s strange if I wear any other color.

-I worked at Starbucks for three years, right up until I had my son. I spent my last shift timing contractions while working the drive-thru.

-I’m shamelessly addicted to terrible TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives franchise series.

-I had my entire birth planned out. That all went out the window after 28 hours of labor, when the doctor came in to say we needed to do an emergency c-section. I’ll probably never write up a birth plan again

-I was obsessed with lemons during my pregnancy. My cravings completely ruined lemons for my husband and he now hates anything lemon-flavored.

-My husband and I ‘dated’ in high school for a couple of weeks before he broke up with me for his ex-girlfriend. He randomly texted me four years later, and we were engaged after less than a year of dating. We got married two months later.

-I could eat french toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

-I’ve always wanted to be a surrogate.

-Favorite Kindred Bravely item: Seamless Sublime Nursing Tank

-Best advice I ever received regarding breastfeeding: Never quit on a bad day.

-If I could live in any movie it would have to be Enchanted; life should always break out into spontaneous song and dance.  


-I live in sunny SoCal.  


-I have two toddlers and we are getting ready to adopt a baby.


-My favorite food is my dad's Caesar salad.


-My favorite colors are blue and purple.


-My hobbies include crafting, singing, learning to watercolor, and reading a good book.


-I planned to have an unmedicated labor and delivery and instead had one emergency C-Section and one (last minute) planned C-Section


-I have been married for just over 5 years.


-I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who.  


-I hate vacuuming.


-I have a BA in Visual and Performing Arts with an emphasis in Music.


-I love learning about other cultures; I've traveled to 15 countries and would love to see more of the US.


-Favorite Kindred Bravely item: Seamless Sublime Nursing Bra


Aren't these ladies awesome?

I'm so lucky to have such talented and dedicated moms supporting me and helping support you. They embody the sisterhood that I envisioned when I chose the name Kindred Bravely

Be you bravely,