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10 Ways to Cope with Cluster Feeding

You've just finished nursing and put your little one in the bouncer so you can eat dinner yourself. As soon as you sit down, however, your baby begins to root and turn his or her head side to side, mouth open wide. You check the diaper...dry. Attempt another luck. It can't possibly be time to nurse again already, you may think, but in the world of newborns, it probably is! Your baby may be exhibiting a behavior known as cluster feeding, and although it can be exhausting, it’s completely normal.

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7 Ways to Work Out After Baby

Caring for a new baby can be exhausting, and during the first few weeks of motherhood, bouncing your baby to sleep and running from room to room might be your most intense physical activities. Once you have your doctor’s permission, a regular fitness routine can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you work out to tone the muscles that adapted to grow and deliver your baby, or to potentially alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, exercise can better equip you to care for your child. We hope our postpartum exercise ideas will help you come up with a fitness plan that works for you and your baby.

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11 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn

Newborns rely on loving parents to soothe their sensory overload and meet their basic needs. Through this consistent caregiving, the parent-child bond grows. The beauty of this phase is that every moment – when you gaze at your newborn, touch her skin, feed her, rock her to sleep, change her diaper – is a part of the bonding process. With mindful communication and these simple tasks, the parent-child bond can flourish. 

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10 Beautiful Photos Celebrating the Bodies of BraveMoms

Every mom's journey towards motherhood is different; some moms never have morning sickness, others endure all day nausea for months on end. Some women deliver after only a few pushes, others go through days of labor. No matter the experience, all moms do amazing things to bring their babies into the world. 

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