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Five Healing Strategies After a Pregnancy Loss

With the loss of a pregnancy, the possibility of what could have been can seem to slip away. Your baby is present to you from the moment you find out you are expecting, though he or she may seem “invisible” to the rest of the world. This can make the grieving process that much harder. Certified bereavement doula Gabrielle Mowry offers five things that may help you start healing after a miscarriage.

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Honoring Angel Babies

As we commemorate Pregnancy and Infant Loss month, we wanted to share some recommendations to help parents and families find special ways to honor the babies gone too soon. Those who have lost a baby know there are no magic words to take the pain away and no Band-Aids to mend the broken hearts, but our hope is that these ideas may help the families of angel babies as they work through their grief.

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#MomLife: Angels and Rainbows

In this guest blog, Kindred Bravely's Pinterest Manager, Shantel, details her story of losing her first pregnancy, "What happens if you lose a baby before you even get to tell anyone you're pregnant? Who do you turn to? How do you keep your composure when no one knows you are hurting deep inside? I never thought I’d have to find the answers to those questions."

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#MomLife: Finding Hope after Loss

In this guest post, Sarah, Kindred Bravely's Facebook Manager, writes about finding her way through the grief of her miscarriage. "It wasn’t until we were in the dark exam room with the ultrasound flickering on the screen above me that I felt my heart sink a little. The little bean on the screen had a flickering heartbeat, but the size and shape looked much different than what I’d seen with my previous pregnancies." 

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