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Hey Mama, Here Are 10 Ways to Find Time for Yourself

Being a mom can be the most fulfilling role you’ll ever have, and while you wouldn’t change it for the world, you still need balance in your life. Taking time for self-care is paramount to being a healthy mom for your child and your family. Finding this elusive time to recharge your batteries is easier said than done, and self-care means different things to different people. Whatever form of downtime appeals to you, here are ten ideas to help you create that space in your day.

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ACOG's New Recommendations for Postpartum Care

When I read the new recommendations released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), I was excited by the proactive effort to reduce some of the challenges women experience postpartum, especially the early weeks, which “are a critical period for a woman and her infant, setting the stage for long-term health and well-being.” I was also encouraged by ACOG’s recognition of the challenges of the fourth trimester.

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Top Five Freezer Meals to Make Before Baby

Kindred Bravely Facebook Manager Alix writes, "With my November due date feeling both far away and way too close, I’ve put my organization skills to their best possible use. I want to be as prepared as possible for when my baby boy arrives (cue laughter from all the veteran moms out there), so I decided to make some ready-to-go meals for when life is too chaotic to cook or for when I just don’t feel up to it after taking care of a newborn all day." She shares five yummy freezer meals that will make your newborn days just a bit easier.

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Simple Ways to Stay Active as a New Mom

Having a newborn is exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be demanding and unrelenting. Exercise is one of the best ways to contend with the challenges of new parenthood. As hard as it might be some days, working out can help you recover, manage stress, and stay positive. We asked one of our Marketing Outreach Coordinators, Stacey Kinney, a certified personal trainer, to share her expertise with you. We hope these tips help you achieve your postpartum fitness goals.

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7 Ways to Work Out After Baby

Caring for a new baby can be exhausting, and during the first few weeks of motherhood, bouncing your baby to sleep and running from room to room might be your most intense physical activities. Once you have your doctor’s permission, a regular fitness routine can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you work out to tone the muscles that adapted to grow and deliver your baby, or to potentially alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, exercise can better equip you to care for your child. We hope our postpartum exercise ideas will help you come up with a fitness plan that works for you and your baby.

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20 Quick and Healthy Breastfeeding Snacks

Every nursing or pumping mom knows the incredible hunger that comes with feeding a baby. Grazing on wholesome snacks throughout the day is a great way to satisfy your appetite. Eating a variety of nutritious whole foods will also help you stay healthy and energized. We pulled together some great snack suggestions and recipes, which we hope will make your nursing or pumping journey a bit easier.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise: An Interview with Fitness Expert Amy Jordan

When you're a busy or expectant mom, it can be hard to work out. Amy Jordan, Creator and CEO of WundaBar Pilates, is not only a fitness expert but also a successful entrepreneur and thriving mom of two. Amy has firsthand knowledge of how nonstop mom life is. But she also knows the incredible physical and mental benefits of exercising. She graciously and candidly answered all of our pregnancy and postpartum fitness questions and provided easy and effective exercises to do at home.

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The Many Colors of Breast Milk

You may already know that breast milk is the perfect food for babies, providing them with all of the vital nutrition they need. But did you know that breast milk can come in many different colors? Rest assured, most variations in breast milk color are normal, even if they might seem slightly odd at first. To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together some explanations of the different milk colors you might encounter on your breastfeeding journey. And remember, you are exactly what your baby needs, and while these days, weeks, and months breastfeeding may sometimes be challenging, you’re perfectly designed for the job!

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Finding Community

I know a lot of moms who struggle to find community. They had a community before they had kids, but when they became mothers, things changed. Perhaps some of their friends weren’t ready for the new dynamics. And that’s fine. Friendships evolve. I also think most moms want a community experiencing the same life events as they are. My ideal community, and what I think we really need, is a combination of people who’ve known us forever and people who are in the thick of it with us. I asked our followers on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for their tips on how to build community.

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Mama, Your Self-Care Matters and Here's Why

In this guest post, coach and blogger LaTisha Cotto emphasizes how important self-care is for new moms: "For me, motherhood has been a magical time... Every milestone is a miracle. Every smile is from heaven. Every giggle melts my heart. There’s also the tough stuff."

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3 Self-Care Tips for When You Are Expecting

To some degree, a healthy pregnancy is about filtering out the stress-inducing information that comes your way and seeking out what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and empowered. No matter what your pregnancy experience is, you can’t go wrong with taking some time for yourself before your little one arrives.

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3 Exercise Tips for When You Are Expecting

Some evidence suggests that active women are better prepared for labor & delivery, and may even recover more quickly. Exercise may also ease the aches, pains, and mood swings of pregnancy -- and help you sleep better. It also often gives you more energy! Exercise recommendations will vary from woman to woman, and from pregnancy to pregnancy, but there are a few tips every woman can benefit from.

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Who’s Who in Maternity Care

From your first prenatal visit to post-delivery, you’ll meet likely meet a multitude of healthcare professionals who will monitor the health of you and your child and provide support during and after labor. These incredible people are instrumental in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and helping you realize your delivery goals. 

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3 Healthcare Pros You Should Know for a Healthy Pregnancy

The best way to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy is to follow the advice of your healthcare professionals. From doctors and nurses to pharmacists and dietitians, you need to feel comfortable not only following the recommendations of your healthcare team, but also sharing your questions, concerns, and real behaviors. While a majority of adults don’t tell their doctors the complete truth, there’s no more important time to be honest with your healthcare team than when you’re pregnant.

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