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Everything You Need to Know About The Global Big Latch On, August 3-5

A mother’s breastfeeding journey is one of the most special bonding experiences she can have with her baby, but it’s not without its challenges. Even though most states provide legal protections for mothers to breastfeed their babies in public, there are too many news stories to count where these rights are violated. This World Breastfeeding Week, we encourage you to join your fellow nursing moms at The Global Big Latch On, a series of events to promote and normalize breastfeeding and help breastfeeding moms find community.

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World Breastfeeding Week - Our 8 Favorite Ways to Celebrate Liquid Gold

Every year from August 1 to August 7, people around the globe celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Coordinated by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, this annual campaign raises awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding for both babies and mothers. Whether you’re a nursing mom or you just want to show your support for breastfeeding, we've pulled together eight ways to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

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How I Use Mantras to Maintain My Milk Supply

In this guest post, blogger LaTisha Cotto talks about using mantras for her successful breastfeeding journey. "I was a formula-fed baby. Pretty much everyone in my entire family has been a formula-fed baby..."

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31 Terms Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know

While every mom’s breastfeeding journey is unique, many words and phrases make a sudden appearance in everyone’s new vocabulary. Some of these are easy to understand, others may be a little confusing. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, most confusing, and most important words every nursing mom should know.

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Our Favorite 7 Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

Every year from August 1 to August 7, people around the world celebrate World Breastfeeding Week to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. Whether you’re a nursing mom or you just want to show your support for breastfeeding, here are our seven favorite ways to enjoy the week.

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All about "The Big Latch On"

Although it’s as old as humanity, breastfeeding still carries with it something of a societal stigma. Women are often told to closet themselves away, cover their babies, or “just wait till you get home.” Frustrated with laws and “decency standards,” moms and other breastfeeding advocates have banded together to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

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