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20 Quick and Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with nausea, hunger pangs, and odd cravings. Your changing body can make meal planning a challenge for even the most organized expectant mom. You’re probably tired and busier than ever, and you may have certain food aversions that make mealtimes difficult. One simple solution is to have quick and healthy snacks on hand to keep you satisfied in between meals. 

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What (Not) to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

One of the final steps in preparing for your new arrival is packing your hospital bag. There are quite a few things that you may think you’ll use during your hospital stay but will probably stay in your bag the entire time. Whether a certain item is supplied by the hospital or simply isn’t necessary during your labor or recovery, some things will take up valuable space in your bag that could be used for bringing all your hospital goodies back home. We compiled a list of what you really need – and don’t need – for the first few days with your baby.

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Top 3 Reasons Moms Stop Breastfeeding

Most moms know about the benefits of breastfeeding, but what about the reasons moms stop nursing? Around 80% of moms in the US begin breastfeeding their newborns, but only about a third of them are still nursing by the time their babies turn one. Why do they stop?  

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Creating a Birth Plan for Induction

Welcoming your baby into the world is a special event, no matter how it happens. Whether you're planning to be induced or you want to be prepared "just in case," our Induction Goals Checklist is a great way to start a conversation with your partner and medical team about how you'd like to experience the birth of your child.

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31 Terms Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know

While every mom’s breastfeeding journey is unique, many words and phrases make a sudden appearance in everyone’s new vocabulary. Some of these are easy to understand, others may be a little confusing. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, most confusing, and most important words every nursing mom should know.

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Who’s Who in Maternity Care

From your first prenatal visit to post-delivery, you’ll meet likely meet a multitude of healthcare professionals who will monitor the health of you and your child and provide support during and after labor. These incredible people are instrumental in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and helping you realize your delivery goals. 

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