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10 Parenting Affirmations for Moms

There may be no greater joy than being tackled by your giggling toddler, squeezed into a bear hug, and smothered in kisses. That’s the kind of thing you might have daydreamed about when you got that positive pregnancy test. You probably didn’t daydream about the laundry, dishes, and tantrums. You probably didn’t daydream about how tough motherhood can sometimes be. In this article, we'll share 10 of our favorite parenting affirmations (downloadable) to help you in those tough times.

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Honoring Angel Babies

As we commemorate Pregnancy and Infant Loss month, we wanted to share some recommendations to help parents and families find special ways to honor the babies gone too soon. Those who have lost a baby know there are no magic words to take the pain away and no Band-Aids to mend the broken hearts, but our hope is that these ideas may help the families of angel babies as they work through their grief.

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11 Ways to Bond with Your Newborn

Newborns rely on loving parents to soothe their sensory overload and meet their basic needs. Through this consistent caregiving, the parent-child bond grows. The beauty of this phase is that every moment – when you gaze at your newborn, touch her skin, feed her, rock her to sleep, change her diaper – is a part of the bonding process. With mindful communication and these simple tasks, the parent-child bond can flourish. 

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Finding Community

I know a lot of moms who struggle to find community. They had a community before they had kids, but when they became mothers, things changed. Perhaps some of their friends weren’t ready for the new dynamics. And that’s fine. Friendships evolve. I also think most moms want a community experiencing the same life events as they are. My ideal community, and what I think we really need, is a combination of people who’ve known us forever and people who are in the thick of it with us. I asked our followers on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for their tips on how to build community.

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Father’s Day Activities for New (and Expectant!) Dads

Celebrating a first Father’s Day – and acknowledging all the wonder and challenge that becoming a parent can bring – is an opportunity to reconnect with your partner. Father’s Day can also be a time to celebrate any men in your life supporting your transition into motherhood, whether it’s your own father, friends, or other father figures in your family’s life. Check out our ideas for Father's Day gifts and activities to celebrate the dads who enrich our lives in so many ways. 

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