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KB Survival Guide: Breastfeeding and Pumping While Traveling

Breastfeeding and pumping while traveling can feel daunting. Some babies roll with changes to their routine; other babies get distracted, tired, or anxious and nurse more or less frequently than usual. Whether you’re considering taking your breastfeeding baby on a vacation or you need to be away from him or her for a few days, we’ve put together some tips to help you plan a successful trip. 

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Know Your Rights: Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding in Public and at Work

Despite widespread support for the health benefits of nursing, many new moms find that the act of breastfeeding is not altogether welcome in some spaces. The internet is filled with stories of women who receive unsolicited advice and shaming from strangers when attempting to nurse outside of their homes. Understandably, no one wants to have to deal with this type of vitriol in public or at work, and the good news is you don’t have to! In this article, we’ve gathered the best information available about your rights when it comes to breastfeeding in public spaces, including pumping in your workplace. With a bit of planning and knowledge, you can confidently navigate breastfeeding in public.

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5 Pumping Tips to Know Before Your Baby Arrives

The newborn days will be tough, but preparation can go a long way. Since you will likely pump at some point during your feeding journey, we've put together a few pumping tips to know before your baby arrives. RN, Certified Lactation Counselor, and fellow mom Shantel Harlin shares some great ideas to make your transition into new motherhood a bit easier.

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The Many Colors of Breast Milk

You may already know that breast milk is the perfect food for babies, providing them with all of the vital nutrition they need. But did you know that breast milk can come in many different colors? Rest assured, most variations in breast milk color are normal, even if they might seem slightly odd at first. To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together some explanations of the different milk colors you might encounter on your breastfeeding journey. And remember, you are exactly what your baby needs, and while these days, weeks, and months breastfeeding may sometimes be challenging, you’re perfectly designed for the job!

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BraveMoms Share: Pumping Tips for Moms Returning to Work

Pumping at work can be challenging, but so many of us do it anyway. We do it because we want to give our babies the best nutrients possible. We do it because we would be nursing our babies during the day if we were with them. We do it for any number of reasons, but at its core, pumping is an act of love. Acutely aware of how much support pumping moms may need when they return to work, we knew exactly where to find encouragement and advice: Kindred Bravely’s Facebook page. We asked these women what they wish they had known about pumping at work and pulled together some of their amazing responses.

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Everything You Need to Know About Breast Milk Storage

Breast milk is one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby. That’s why you pump during your lunch break or in the middle of the night and why you really do cry over spilled (or spoiled) milk. Since you devote so much of yourself to pumping milk for your baby, you want to make sure you’re storing and using it correctly. We put together some answers to the breast milk storage questions we get most often. We hope this information will help you give your baby all the nutrients your amazing body has produced.

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#BraveBrelfies to Celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month

In celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Month and World Breastfeeding Week, we asked BraveMoms on Facebook and Instagram to share their breastfeeding selfies ("Brelfies") with us using #BraveBrelfie.  Thank you so much to all the incredible moms who were brave enough to share their photos and stories. The courage and honesty in their pictures and words are truly beautiful and inspiring.  

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How I Use Mantras to Maintain My Milk Supply

In this guest post, blogger LaTisha Cotto talks about using mantras for her successful breastfeeding journey. "I was a formula-fed baby. Pretty much everyone in my entire family has been a formula-fed baby..."

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11 Frequently Asked Breastfeeding Questions

Like pregnancy and delivery, breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mom and child, and most moms (first-timers and veterans) have a lot of questions about breastfeeding. Here we’ve provided answers for some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as some incredible resources for more questions you might have.

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10 Beautiful Photos Celebrating the Bodies of BraveMoms

Every mom's journey towards motherhood is different; some moms never have morning sickness, others endure all day nausea for months on end. Some women deliver after only a few pushes, others go through days of labor. No matter the experience, all moms do amazing things to bring their babies into the world. 

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Our Favorite 7 Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

Every year from August 1 to August 7, people around the world celebrate World Breastfeeding Week to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. Whether you’re a nursing mom or you just want to show your support for breastfeeding, here are our seven favorite ways to enjoy the week.

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All about "The Big Latch On"

Although it’s as old as humanity, breastfeeding still carries with it something of a societal stigma. Women are often told to closet themselves away, cover their babies, or “just wait till you get home.” Frustrated with laws and “decency standards,” moms and other breastfeeding advocates have banded together to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

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