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Meet Kindred Bravely's Social Media Team

Meet Kindred Bravely's Social Media Team

As busy moms, you know how crucial it is to have a supportive team. From partners and family, to new and old friends, community is superimportant. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to introduce you to our incredible Social Media Team. These wonderful women help keep the working parts moving on all our channels so I can stay connected with you, my awesome second family. 

Sarah Ortmayer, Social Media Manager

Sarah and her family

Fun Fact About Me: We spend almost every summer at our remote lake cabin with no electricity or running water - it's an adventure we love to share with our five kids. It’s so important to just completely unplug and enjoy time with those you love!

Why I Love My Role: I love my role at Kindred Bravely because I get to connect with and inspire moms through photography, encouragement, and community every single day.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: My favorite thing about Kindred Bravely is that our mission is from the heart - a real desire to be there for moms and encourage them, bring them comfort, and cheer them on in their unique motherhood journeys.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Simply Sublime Nursing Tank - it is my wardrobe staple! I can make any outfit breastfeeding friendly with this tank.

What Makes Me Brave: Brave for me shows up in the little things - the daily choosing of joy, the pushing forward when I feel like I don’t have anything left to give, and simply being okay with not being perfect in motherhood. It feels brave to love and accept who I am as a mom and not harness myself to any standard other than loving my children well.

My Mom Hero: My mom hero is my mother-in-law. Her love is unwavering and doesn't depend on how "together" her children have it - she forgives and looks beyond the exterior, seeing value in each and every person. I am inspired by her and hope to love like that through every season of parenting because I KNOW there will be some difficult ones as our kids get older.

Shantel Harlin, Pinterest Manager and Certified Lactation Counselor

Shantel and Family

Fun Fact About Me: I sold my car in college and bought a motorcycle, which was my sole mode of transportation for over a year.

Why I Love My Role: I absolutely love empowering and encouraging women to be the best moms they can be.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: Being able to have a career that I love, while also being able to be home with my children full time.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Postpartum Panties and Marvella Bra

What Makes Me Brave: Being a mom. I love my children and hope to have four little blessings running around my legs one day.

My Mom Hero: My mother-in-law is my mom hero. She is encouraging, supportive, and unconditionally loving. She empowers us to make our own decisions and do what we think is best for our family and their needs.

Sophia Carr, Instagram Manager

Sophia and Sons

Fun Fact About Me: I’m a huge baseball fan! We took our son to a Chicago Cubs game when he was four weeks old.

Why I Love My Role: Motherhood can be isolating at times, and knowing that you have a group of strong, brave women in your corner to lift you up is what every mom deserves. I love that I’m able to be part of this community and do my part to make sure that every mama knows that she isn’t alone, and we all have her back.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: I love that Kindred Bravely encourages all moms to appreciate the “little” things, even though they almost always end up being the big things. I live for those sleepy cuddles when we’re waking up each morning, and it’s such a beautiful thing to work for a company that wants you to enjoy those little moments every day because it really does fly by.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Simply Sublime Bra and Under the Bump Bikini Panties

What Makes Me Brave: Motherhood is all about courage and bravery. We’re responsible for so many different things as moms, and we have these perfect little people who rely on us for everything. We all know that being a mom can certainly be difficult, but knowing that and wanting to do it anyway (sometimes over and over again) makes us all incredibly brave.

My Mom Hero: My Oma is my hero! She is the toughest, yet sweetest, woman and literally lives for her family. She married my Opa when she was 17 - he was in the Navy stationed in Germany, they met at a dance, and she left her family to move to America and be with him. She taught herself English after she moved here. She would do anything for her children and grandchildren, is so, so kind, and gives the best advice.

Lauren McKinley, Outreach Coordinator and KindredMamas Admin

Lauren and Daughter

Fun Fact About Me: There are very few movies that I have watched until the end - I almost always fall asleep. And yes, I've even fallen asleep in the movie theater... twice.

Why I Love My Role: I love having the opportunity to meet, encourage, and learn from other mamas. I am inspired every day by the way the KindredMamas encourage each other, and it is truly my honor to play a role in such an amazing group of women!

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: I love how the values of Kindred Bravely are woven throughout everything we do. From the way we celebrate opportunities to show generosity to those in need, to the encouragement that our customer service team provides to mamas on a daily basis, to the bravery of the amazing women who journey along with us as customers, to the gratefulness for children and family that our team members express regularly - Kindred Bravely is so much more than the amazing products we sell, and I just love being a part of it!

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Organic Cotton Bra and Davy Pajamas

What Makes Me Brave: I am brave because, no matter how messy the day before was, I do my best to wake up each morning committed to showering my three little ones with love, acceptance, and grace. Motherhood is both hard and beautiful, and I’m so grateful that each day brings a fresh start. Those sweet morning snuggles (and coffee) make all the challenges of the day before fade away and help set a new tone for what the day ahead may bring.

My Mom Hero: My mom hero is my own mom. She is compassionate, strong, hospitable and loves beyond measure. I'm so thankful we live close to her so my kiddos can experience her amazing mothering abilities too. Even in the midst of her own difficult health challenges, she so graciously fills in the gaps when I'm busy or overwhelmed and showers my kids with love. She's the best!

Denise Smith, Customer Care Representative and KindredMamas Admin


Fun Fact About Me: I love all music, but old school hip-hop is my absolute favorite.

Why I Love My Role: I love that every day I am able to help mamas find comfort in their motherhood journeys.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: My favorite thing about Kindred Bravely is being able to work from home. I'm able to be the best wife and mother I can be while having a career that I love.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Amelia Pajamas and Lucille Nightgown

What Makes Me Brave: I'm a tireless advocate for my kids. Whether I'm convincing them to do their schoolwork, encouraging them to be considerate, or making sure they're heard, my kids know I've got their backs.

My Mom Hero: My mom hero is my grandmother. She's the sweetest person I know. She is so kind and loving. She never passes judgment and always loves unconditionally. 

Gabrielle Mowry, Customer Care Representative, Certified Lactation Counselor, and KindredMamas Admin

Gabrielle and Family

Fun Fact About Me: I lived in Germany for three years and got to spend that time soaking in another culture and exploring Europe. I still miss it every day!

Why I Love My Role: I love helping and connecting with other mamas and feel so lucky that I get to do this every day, both in my job with Kindred Bravely and my role as a Facebook group admin.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: I love that Kindred Bravely focuses on building a community for moms to connect with other moms. Motherhood can be so lonely at times, and feeling like there are others out there going through the same thing is so uplifting and encouraging.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Marvella Bra and Postpartum Panties

What Makes Me Brave: I am a military spouse and have had to navigate life and motherhood while living far away from family. Every time we move, I have had to find new friends and community, which has made me so resilient!

My Mom Hero: My mom is my mom hero. She always chooses to see the good in people and is the strongest person I know. She encourages me daily in my own motherhood journey. I am a better mother because of her.

Stacey Kinney, Facebook Community Specialist

Stacey and Family

Fun Fact About Me: My son Nolan was born on my 25th birthday!

Why I Love My Role: I love the sense of community that social media has the opportunity to provide, and I enjoy being part of a team.

My Favorite Thing About Kindred Bravely: I love our overall attitude towards motherhood.

My Kindred Bravely Must-Have: Louisa Leggings and Lucille Lingerie

What Makes Me Brave: My pregnancy was a surprise, but in the wake of my fear, I plunged into motherhood headfirst.

My Mom Hero: My mom hero is my late paternal grandma, Geraldine. She was a nurse and a loving wife who raised six amazing children. She showed me so much love during our time together that I’ll never forget it.

Aren't these ladies awesome?

I'm so lucky to have such talented and dedicated moms supporting me and helping support you. They embody the sisterhood that I envisioned when I chose the name Kindred Bravely

Be you bravely, 



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