Our Story

By moms. For moms. From the heart. From the beginning.

Moms. That’s who we are and who we serve. That’s our whole story.

Whenever we’re making any decision, from colorways to content, we think about a real mom on the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy and postpartum.

Because becoming a mom is unlike anything else in the world. The unimaginably huge, endless, ever-growing capacity for love. We know that love well, and, yes, that is part of becoming a mom.

But becoming a mom is also taking on the physical and mental loads of motherhood. We get all of that. Because we’re moms, and motherhood is a both-and thing. Both incredible. And incredibly hard.

As a female-founded and led company (all of the members of our leadership team are moms - except one, he’s a dad!), when we say we get it, we get it.

Because we’ve been there; we are there. 

It all started with PJs.

Kindred Bravely began when our co-founder Deeanne Akerson was breastfeeding her baby and couldn’t find a good pair of nursing pajamas. So she decided to design and produce her own. 

The idea that pajamas could actually make motherhood easier seems so simple, right? But when Deeanne created that comfy pair of PJs, she could nurse more easily, cuddle more closely, and sleep more comfortably. And so the next day, she had a bit more energy to love on that baby (who’s now a big kid). 

And Kindred Bravely was born.

Moms loved the PJs so much, they asked if Kindred Bravely could also make a nursing bra. So we did. Then came postpartum panties, another great nursing bra, and the rest is history – a history focused on moms. 

When you’re in the thick of it and you haven’t slept (or showered) in days, clothes may seem unimportant. But, mom to mom, clothes really are important. Because feeling good and looking good does help. Because being a bit more comfortable in an ever-changing body can make a big difference. Because when moms get support, whether through a supportive bra or a mental health break, it’s a good thing. And, in our book, it's a necessary thing.


We’re grateful, brave, generous, encouraging, confident, & transparent.

Generosity, in particular, is our north star, and we’re always looking for more ways to give. 

From the monthly random acts of kindness we fund for each team member to our work with incredible organizations supporting women and families, we’re generous because we love to make someone's day, week, or month. Read more about our impact on our Giving Page.