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The Superhero Project and
Its PJs with a Smile Campaign

The Superhero Project and the PJs with a Smile Campaign

This spring, we’re incredibly honored to partner with the Superhero Project, which raises money to help families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). For each pair of pajamas purchased during our Mother’s Day Sale, we’ll donate a pair to the Superhero Project.

Superhero project

The Superhero Project, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, was founded by Kelly Gallagher in 2015 after her twins, born at 32 weeks, spent time in the NICU. Gallagher “turned her pain into purpose” and created the Superhero Project, whose mission is “to support families with babies in the NICU and encourage hospitals to adopt best practice family care methods.”

In addition to helping countless families, the nonprofit also supports hospitals, including donating $90,000 for Angel Eye Cameras, which allow parents to get some rest at home while still being able to see their babies in the NICU.

Superhero Project, Pajamas with a Smile

Among the Superhero Project’s initiatives is the PJs with a Smile campaign, which seeks to provide NICU mothers with a new pair of pajamas, a letter of encouragement from a former NICU mom, and a fresh flower. According to their website, “Our hope in creating this campaign is to encourage new mothers to get the rest needed in the postpartum phase, feel motivated and encouraged with the support of a handwritten letter, and use the flower as a reminder of the beautiful life they just brought into the world.”

Superhero Project, Pajamas with a Smile

Of course, we adore pajamas here at Kindred Bravely, and we know that for new moms, a cozy pair of PJs can be so much more comforting -- and meaningful -- than you could ever realize. To be able to bring even a measure of comfort to moms who have to leave their babies in the NICU is a great privilege.

Please contact the Superhero Project to see how you can get involved. From donating pajamas and flowers to composing letters to NICU moms, there are many ways to contribute to this wonderful organization. And remember that for each pair of pajamas sold during our Mother’s Day Sale, we’ll donate a pair to the Superhero Project, which understands, as we do, just how precious the bond between mothers and babies.