Crossword Answers



2. ________is a reflex that often happens after your baby has been sucking your breast for 1-2 minutes. 

4. Motherhood is ________. 

8. Breast milk contains ________, which help your baby fight off infection and build immunity. 

9. Breastfeeding may burn around ________ calories each day. 

16. A ________ is a highly trained professional who specializes in helping mothers with nursing and pumping. 

17. Newborn babies may _______ up to 20 hours each day in their first week of life. 

18. A ________is a machine that uses gentle suction to draw milk from a breast.

Across Answers:

2. LetDown
4. Bravery
8. Antibodies
9. FiveHundred
16. LactationConsultant
17. Sleep
18. BreastPump


1. When pregnant, your body produces a hormone called ________ that softens ligaments and relaxes the pelvis to prepare for birth. 

3. Your baby’s stomach is the size of a ________ during the first days of life. 

5. It is recommended to ________ expressed milk in 2-4 ounce increments. 

6. ________ is an early pregnancy symptom that may cause feelings of illness as a result of rapidly increasing hormones. 

7. Skin to skin contact immediately after birth is also known as the ________. 

10. The first six weeks after childbirth are known as ________.

11. ________ is the first milk produced, is also known as “liquid gold”. 

12. The ________ is the first lifeline between mother and baby, supplying all of the baby's nutrients in utero. 

13. Contrary to popular belief, you can introduce a ________ to your baby and still have a successful breastfeeding relationship. 
14. When pregnant, a woman’s blood volume increases by as much as ________ percent. 
15. 3-4 weeks of age is a good time to start introducing a ________.

Down Answers:

1. Relaxin
3. Marble
5. Freeze
6. MorningSickness
7. GoldenHour
10. Postpartum 
11. Colostrum
12. Placenta
13. Pacifier
14. Fifty
15. Bottle