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On Being a Mom: BraveMom Spotlight #2

On Being a Mom: <br>BraveMom Spotlight #2
On Being a Mom: BraveMom Spotlight, loss of a child
On Being a Mom
Every parenting journey is unique, and we're so honored each time a mom shares her story with us. Since our mission is to bring comfort and community to moms, in our new blog series, we're asking BraveMoms to share their stories with you. We hope you'll be as amazed and touched by their honesty and bravery as we are!

In recognition of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, we're sharing the story of  Jessica Winstead McClure. A model for our sister brand, Davy Piper, Jessica shared the story of her son's tragic death and her successful efforts to enact Tennessee legislation to prevent such accidents. The Noah Dean and Nate Act, the marine safety law Jessica fought for, is named in honor of her son Noah Dean Winstead and his best friend Nate Lynam. 

Jessica and her son Noah Dean

I lost my ten-year-old son, Noah Dean Winstead, on July 4, 2012, to Electric Shock Drowning.

I’ll never fully heal from his sudden death. The day I lost him was the day I lost a part of myself and, even eight years later, I’m still learning to live without him. In just a few short years, I will have lived longer without him than I did with him.

That hurts so very much.

I think of so much time that I missed out on with him. I think of so much that he has missed out on.

I see his friends growing up and continuing on with life. While I’m happy to see that part of their lives, it still leaves me with a twinge of jealousy. I find myself noticing what other parents are taking for granted.

But I was that person too. I also took for granted the everyday routine of life.

Jessica and her children

One morning, just a few months after his death, as I was driving my daughter to school, I was frustrated because my windows were so foggy I couldn't see. I had to pull over and wait for the fog to clear.  

As we were waiting, Haleigh Raye started to notice handprints and drawings appear through the fog in the backseat windows. (You know, the ones you’re always telling your kids NOT to make?)

For a moment I couldn't look at them. I was reminded of all the days I said, "Noah, stop writing on my windows."

With tears in my eyes, I raised my head and looked at them. I CHOSE TO SEE – and what joy it brought me. Noah's drawings and initials were coming through even in the fog.

Jessica and her son

There are so many joys in life I have taken for granted. I move through life in such a rush. I forget to see what’s good in my life.

Noah’s death left me with no choice but to be a different person in so many ways. I have had to adapt to a new way of living, thinking, and seeing the world. I no longer take moments, people, and experiences for granted the way I used to.

There are days I long for Noah and feel the sting of what he was robbed of, but I’m still so very grateful for the ten years I had with him that nothing or no one can take away.

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