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10 Tips for Beating the Heat While Breastfeeding in Summer

10 Tips for Beating the Heat While Breastfeeding in Summer
breastfeeding in hot weather
nursing in summer

As the temperatures soar, pumping and nursing in summer can become a sweaty endeavor for both you and your baby. The heat can make feeding uncomfortable and even exhausting, but with some tips from our team of moms, you can stay cool and enjoy those moments with your little one. Here are ten tips to help you beat the heat while breastfeeding in summer.

best nursing tank top for pumping

1. Wear Nursing and Pumping Friendly Tanks for Easy Nursing Access.

Summer is the perfect time to embrace nursing tanks and lightweight maternity tops. They’re designed to provide easy access for nursing and pumping, and they often come in breathable fabrics that help you stay cool (we especially love our temperature-regulating bamboo fabric). Look for styles with built-in bras for support without the extra layers, and check out 10 Tips for Summer Pregnancy Style: What to Wear to Stay Cool for more summer nursing & maternity clothing tips.

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2. Keep a Cooling Towel in Your Diaper Bag.

A cooling towel is a must-have for hot-weather breastfeeding. These towels are lightweight, easy to pack, and incredibly effective at providing relief from the heat. If you're feeling hot, wet the towel, wring it out, and place it on your neck or forehead during feeds. It can help keep you cool and make nursing sessions more comfortable for you and your baby.

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3. Take a Small Cooler and Ice Packs to Store Breast Milk on the Go.

When you’re out and about during the summer, it’s essential to keep expressed breast milk cool. A small cooler with ice packs can be a lifesaver. This ensures that your breast milk stays fresh and gives you the freedom to move around without worrying about finding a place to store your milk. This is especially useful for exclusive pumpers, working moms, and all you incredible moms pumping on vacation!

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4. Stay Hydrated - Sip Water While Baby Feeds.

Breastfeeding in hot weather can increase your risk of dehydration. Keep a water bottle within arm’s reach and make a habit of sipping water while your baby nurses. Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining your breast milk supply and your overall health. Add a splash of lemon or a few cucumber slices to your water if you want to change things up.

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5. Use the "I Need to Feed the Baby" Excuse to Enjoy the AC.

One of the perks of breastfeeding is that it gives you a perfect excuse to seek out air-conditioned spaces. Whether you’re at a pool, a park, or your friend’s backyard, don’t hesitate to retreat indoors to feed your baby. Not only will you stay cool, but your baby will also be more comfortable in a temperature-controlled environment.

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6. Create a Comfortable Feeding Station at Home.

Set up a cozy breastfeeding spot in your coolest room. Use a fan or air conditioner to keep the area comfortable, and have all your nursing essentials nearby. Creating a cool, calm, consistent environment can make a big difference in your breastfeeding experience.

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7. Use a Cold Pack for Added Comfort.

For those particularly hot days, try using a cold pack to help keep you cool during breastfeeding sessions. You can place an ice pack on your lap or the back of your neck to help reduce heat. This can be especially helpful during longer feeds.

nursing in hot weather

8. Carefully Time Your Outdoor Activities

If you plan to be outdoors, try to schedule your activities during the cooler parts of the day, like early morning or late evening. Avoid the midday heat whenever possible, and always seek out shade when you need to nurse or pump outside.

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9. If You’re a Pumping Mom, Get a Moisture-Wicking Pumping Bra.

Choose a breathable, moisture-wicking pumping bra to stay dry during long sessions, consider using a portable fan to regulate your body temperature and help you feel more comfortable, and treat yourself to a cool shower afterward to lower your temperature.

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10. Take Breaks and Listen to Your Body.

Pumping and nursing in summer can be demanding. Take regular breaks to rest and cool down. Listen to your body and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Whether it’s a partner, friend, or family member, having support can make a big difference.

With these tips, you can enjoy the special bonding time with your baby, even if those snuggly sessions are a little sweaty!

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