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me too, #metoo

I’ve been overwhelmed by seeing so many “Me Too” posts across social media. While I’ve seen the statistics of sexual harassment and abuse and violence, I know that these numbers barely scratch the surface.

Whether they’ve experienced unwelcome advances or lewd comments, stalking or coercion, molestation or rape, nearly every woman I know has endured some form of harassment, abuse, or violence.

As a human being, my heart breaks for everyone who has been harassed and abused.

As a woman, I hope that we can find a way to change the current culture of our society.

As an aunt of girls and mother of boys, I’m working to make sure the future is brighter. I’m hopeful for a world where my nieces will always have the courage to be themselves and where my sons will continue to be the kind, caring individuals they already are.

If you are one of the beautiful brave women who has raised her voice, thank you for sharing your courage. If you haven’t shared your experiences, but you’re also a “Me too,” please remember that you don’t owe your story to anyone.

If you or someone you love has experienced sexual harassment, abuse, or violence, please use the resources below.

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