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#MomLife: Breastfeeding Bravely

#MomLife: Breastfeeding Bravely
Guest blog from Stephanie Parsons

When I started nursing my first child, I was new to the concept of taking out a, previously very private, body part to feed my baby. I was very conservative because I wanted to be considerate and I didn't want to make anyone else uncomfortable. 

I'm feeding my second child now, but I am also juggling the needs and wants of an almost 4-year-old, running around to get errands and chores done before someone melts down or has to poop and trying to keep my sanity through it all.

I don't have the energy or mental space to make sure I have a towel or burp cloth to cover up; I don't have the time to find some discreet corner to feed my baby. I feed her on the go. I feed her anywhere we are. I feed her anytime she wants.

Don't get me wrong, I am not one to 'flaunt' it. I understand some people do feel uncomfortable in the presence of an uncovered breast, so I won't shove my right to breastfeed in everyone's face. I'm not out to make anyone uncomfortable. That's not my mission. I am just trying to get through my day, making sure my kids are happy, healthy, and FED. 

Depending on the cut of my shirt, it may be easy for me to breastfeed conservatively, but if it's not, I don't care. I want to feed my baby the easiest and most convenient way possible so I can put the rest of my energy into getting everything else in my day accomplished. I have more important things to worry about than whether or not someone else has an opinion about how I feed my kid.

Steph is a married mom of two, living in the Boston area. Her pre-motherhood passions included traveling the world, horseback riding, and waking up at 10 am. Since becoming a mother, she has put those things on hold (for now) and has opened herself up to newfound passions such as discovering the sisterhood of being a woman and helping to heal the collective feminine, growing her garden, and sneaking dark chocolate when her kids aren't looking.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist of 10 years, trained yogi, and hopes to become a doula in the coming years. You can follow her journey on Instagram: @stephaniejparsons


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