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Brave New Resolutions for Brave New Motherhood

Brave New Resolutions for Brave New Motherhood

Kindred Bravely's New Year's Resolutions

Like many others, we’ve been talking a lot about resolutions and goals over the past few weeks. Since most of us have little ones at home, we saw a common thread in our wishes for the new year: 

Be present and engaged with my kids.


Speak more gently.


Unplug when I’m not working.


Give myself permission to be “off.”


Spend more quality time with my husband and son.


Organize and clean toys; donate the ones we’re not using!


Have special one-on-one time with each of my kids.


Keep a “Joy Jar.” We write down a special moment of gratitude, happiness, or joy every day, and keep it in a special jar.


More snuggle time!


What goals do you have for yourself and your family this year?

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