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My Favorite Birthing Affirmations

My Favorite Birthing Affirmations

Along with music and the support of my husband and our doula, the most helpful thing for both of my labors was positive birth affirmations. 

Here are some of my favorites:

My body knows exactly what to do.

My mind and body are relaxed.

Untapped resources of strength are available to me.

My body knows how to birth my baby.

My baby is working on a perfect position for birth.

I trust my body to know what to do.

My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier.

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.

I cooperate with my baby and my body.

Did you (or do you plan to) use birth affirmations? What were your favorites?

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If you're delivering soon, we're sending you happy, positive thoughts! I can't wait to hear your story. 

Be you bravely, 


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