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11 Birth Affirmations for Labor and Delivery

11 Birth Affirmations for Labor and Delivery

mantras for having a baby, positive affirmations for labor

mantras for giving birth

Along with music and the support of my husband and our doula, birth affirmations were incredibly helpful during both of my labors. They’re a great way to infuse positive self-talk into your delivery journey. 

Below are 11 of our team’s favorite labor affirmations. Whisper them, scream them, sing them, repeat them over and over in your head -- every little bit of positivity helps.

Download these affirmations, share them, and print your favorites to bring with you to the hospital as a reminder that you can handle everything that comes your way, starting with that first contraction.

body knows what to do

surges during labor

60 seconds
baby position

my body knows what to do

cooperate with body

made for this

trust your body

body is relaxed

muscles in harmony

untapped strength

If you're delivering soon, we're sending you happy, positive thoughts! Do you plan to use birth affirmations? What are your favorites? Please comment below.

PS We also have some wonderful mantras for breastfeeding and parenting!


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