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Encouragement for Breastfeeding Moms

Encouragement for Breastfeeding Moms

While new motherhood can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. As much as I adored the personal moments of breastfeeding bliss with my boys, nursing was sometimes lonely.

Even if I was among family and friends, my whole world shrank down to “just us two,” and there were times when I wasn’t sure anyone else understood what it meant to be the only source of nutrition for my baby.

For the new moms who are still finding their breastfeeding rhythm, I hope these words of wisdom help you remember how amazing you are.


“Breastfeeding takes practice.”

Like everything we do, breastfeeding has a learning curve for both mom and baby. The first few weeks of nursing can feel like an eternity as you adjust to your new baby and your body adjusts to milk production. Give yourself time to figure everything out, and remember: never give up on a bad day.

“It’s so wonderful that your baby wants to nurse so often!”

Many moms worry that constant feedings mean they’re not producing enough breast milk, but what you might not know is babies don’t just nurse for nutrition. Along with satisfying hunger, babies breastfeed for comfort and companionship.

“Do what works for you.”

Every woman approaches breastfeeding in her own way. As with pregnancy and delivery, you have to do what’s right for you. You get to decide if you want to nurse or pump or both; you get to choose whether you use a nursing cover; you get to determine how long you want to breastfeed.

“Trust your body”

Your body has gone through many amazing changes already, and it knows how to provide for your baby. Believe in your ability to do what so many moms have done before you. Make sure you’re nourishing yourself, and remember you can talk with a pediatrician or IBCLC if you have serious concerns. Have faith in your body.

“Find your village.”

Whether you reach out to family and close friends, health care professionals, or breastfeeding support groups, make sure to find the tribe that will provide you with encouragement and comfort as you navigate your breastfeeding journey.

Moms, you’re doing a wonderful job. Never forget that.

Be you bravely,

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