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11 Amazing Baby Shower Games and Activities

11 Amazing Baby Shower <br> Games and Activities
baby shower games
baby shower ideas


A baby shower can be one of the most memorable pregnancy milestones. New-parent nerves (whether it’s the first, second, or fifth child) are usually in high gear—and for many, a party can be just the thing to help encourage, prepare, and celebrate the growing family. Not only is it a time to relax and celebrate, but also it’s a reminder for the parent or parents-to-be that their lives are full of family and friends ready to help support them through this journey.

When planning a shower, first and foremost, consider what the parent or parents-to-be would want. Are they on the introverted side? Perhaps a smaller, informal gathering would suit them best. Are they usually the life of the party? If so they might have some big expectations!

There are endless possibilities for what a baby shower could look like, and it will be as unique as the family you are celebrating. Think carefully about what kind of shower would bring the parent or parents-to-be encouragement, joy, and reassurance—even if that shower looks a lot different than yours would!

Since baby showers often have games, we’ve put together a mix of traditional and nontraditional activities to help get your gears turning. Make sure the games work for your specific shower. For example, if the guest list is long, consider doing team games. Whether self-selected or assigned, teams are a great way to manage a large group and encourage mingling.

Shower games and activities (and the shower itself) can be done on almost any budget. Prizes for the winners, though fun, are not necessary. Remember that the goal of the event is to create a wonderful memory. Keeping that at the forefront of all your planning will ensure a fantastic celebration.

1. Magazine Collage Game

games to play at a baby shower, collage game

Supplies needed: At least one of each of the following items per individual/team: a magazine (not baby related), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and a piece of colorful paper or poster board (consider the colors of the event if there are any)

How to play: A moderator lays out a scenario/prompt. Each individual/team must find a picture in the magazine to satisfy the prompt. They then cut the picture out and paste it onto the paper/poster board. When time is up, the moderator moves on to the next scenario. Keep in mind, baby-related magazine content is off-limits to encourage creativity. This game works best with five or more prompts (consider letting each team make up one or two). Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • If car seats hadn’t been invented, what would you use to safely transport your child in the car?
  • You are out and about, and your baby has a diaper blowout. You have no diapers, wipes, or extra clothes. What do you use to remedy the situation?
  • As soon as your baby talks, they ask for a pet. What pet do you end up with?
  • Your baby is having a public meltdown. What do you do to soothe them?
  • You can only feed your child one thing for an entire week. What is it?

How to determine the winner: When the game ends, each individual/team presents its collage. The moderator can choose one overall winner or have a few categories of winners, such as Funniest, Most Realistic, Most Creative, etc.

2. Guess the Book

baby shower games, guess the book

Supplies needed: One answer sheet per individual/team

How to play: Find memorable lines from famous children’s books. Create an answer sheet that lists the lines with blanks next to them. The attendees, either in teams or individually, guess which book each line is from and fill in the blank.  

Fun modifications: If most of the guests do not have children, this game might be a little difficult. You can modify it by including an answer bank. If most of your guests are parents and a little more familiar with children’s books, feel free to leave out the answer bank; you could instead give bonus points for including the author.

How to determine the winner: The individual/team with the most correct answers wins.

3. Lullaby Lyrics

baby shower games, lullaby lyrics

Supplies needed: Printed music lyrics and several sheets of paper for each individual/team

How to play: Pick out some favorite songs of the parent or parents-to-be and print out the lyrics. Display the lyrics on a poster board or have a packet of printed lyrics for each individual/team. The attendees will use these lyrics to create an original lullaby. Players can use a maximum of four lines from each song.

Fun modifications: Give bonus points to those who rhyme and those who sing their lullaby in front of everyone.

How to determine the winner: You can choose one overall winner or there can be categories like Most Likely to Sign a Record Deal, Most Likely to Be a Songwriter, etc.   

4. Animal Baby Names and Gestation Periods

baby shower games, baby animal names

Supplies needed: One answer sheet per individual/team

How to play: Create an answer sheet with different adult animals on it; leave a blank next to each. Individuals/teams guess what the baby version of each animal is called and how long it gestates.

Some harder examples include

  • A baby dolphin is a calf and gestates for 12 months.
  • A baby alligator is a hatchling and gestates for 65 days.
  • A baby swan is a cygnet and gestates for 42 days.

How to determine the winner: The individual/team with the most correct answers wins. Because this game may be quite challenging, consider awarding points to those with the closest or most creative guess.

5. Multitasking Parents

baby shower games, mulitasking relay

Supplies needed: A set of the following items for each team: ten pairs of different colored/styled baby socks, a cell phone (real or fake), a baby doll or teddy bear, and a diaper

How to play: This is a relay race, so teams are a must. Each person has to correctly match and fold the baby socks while holding a cell phone to his or her ear while putting the diaper on the baby doll/teddy bear while singing a lullaby. If the person makes any errors (mismatched socks, dropped the phone, put the diaper on backward, etc.), they must start again. Once finished, they must separate the socks, mix them up, and remove the diaper. The next person on the team then begins.

How to determine the winner: The first team to finish wins.

6. Parent-to-Be Trivia

baby shower games, trivia game about expectant parents

Supplies needed: One answer sheet per individual/team

How to play: Before the shower, ask the parent or parents-to-be some fun, unique, and personal questions. Questions can be fill-in-the-blank, short answer, or multiple choice. This is a timed “quiz” to find out who knows the expectant parent or parents best!

How to determine the winner: The individual/team with the most correct answers wins. Consider awarding points for creativity and humor!

7. Who’s Who?

Baby shower games, Who's Who

Supplies needed: One baby photo of each attendee, tape, poster board, and one answer sheet per individual/team

How to play: Ask guests to bring baby photos of themselves. Tape the photos to the poster board and label each photo A, B, C, etc. On an answer sheet that lists those letters with a blank next to each, guests will guess who’s who.

How to determine the winner: The individual/team with the most correct answers wins.

8. “I knew you would be a great parent when...”

baby shower activities, I Knew You Would Be a Great Parent

Supplies needed: Notebooks or notecards (ideally with a baby theme) with “I knew you would be a great parent when…” written on the top. Optional: Colorful pens

How to play: Each guest writes down a memory, story, or personality trait about the parent or parents-to-be that could encourage them on their journey into parenthood. If two parents are attending the shower, have a notebook or set of blank cards designated for each of them! The more encouragement the better!

How to determine the winner: Everyone’s a winner since these notes are for the parents to keep and treasure!

9. Decorate the Diaper

baby shower games, decorate the diaper

Supplies needed: Newborn, size 1, or size 2 diapers; and non-toxic markers

How to play: Guests decorate diapers with quotes, lyrics, pictures, and notes that will cheer on the new parents during upcoming middle-of-the-night diaper changes—anything to get a smile or laugh at 2 a.m.!

Fun modification: Why limit this to diapers? You could decorate plain white onesies too.  

How to determine the winner: Everyone’s a winner!

10. Baby Food Challenge

Baby shower games, baby food challenge

Supplies needed: A variety of baby food jars, enough spoons for each individual to safely try each flavor, and one answer sheet per individual/team. Optional: Labels to cover the labels on the jars

How to play: Either remove or cover the labels on the jars of baby food (or use a blindfold). Label each jar A, B, C, etc. Create an answer sheet that lists those letters with a blank next to each. As the guests taste each jar, they fill in the corresponding blank on the answer sheet with what flavor they believe it is.

How to determine the winner: The individual/team with the most correct answers wins.

11. A is for…

Baby shower activities, A is for...

Supplies needed: 26 pieces of construction paper, markers, and decorating supplies. Optional: Letter stencils

How to play: Each guest gets a letter (or two, depending on the size of the shower), picks a word that begins with that letter, and decorates a page. Guests are encouraged to pick a word that reflects who they are in some way (so maybe not A is for apple!). For V, a travel buff could create a page that says, “V is for Venice,” and decorate it in a Venetian style. For another personal touch, the guest could add a signed note that says, “We love Venice almost as much as we will love you!” Later, you can laminate the pages and put them in a binder to make the baby’s first ABC book.

How to determine the winner: Everyone’s a winner!

If you are hoping for a more relaxed gathering, set up stations where guests can play these games whenever they want. If you are aiming at a more structured event, schedule the games throughout the party and have everyone participate at the same time.

If you are giving out prizes, consider choosing ones that relate to the game. Was the game book related? Perhaps the prize could be a journal or a gift card to a local bookstore. Was it a music game? A gift card for music downloads or a pair of headphones could be nice! Inexpensive prizes are also very easy. From homemade certificates to some nicely packaged candy, there are lots of creative and budget-conscious ways to reward winners.

If crafty is your middle name, save all of the answer sheets, collages, lyrics, and notecards to make a memory book or box for the parents. They will certainly appreciate that you’ve packaged up the milestone into a nice keepsake.

We hope our list of games and activities helps you plan an amazing shower. For even more great activities that we absolutely love, look up Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Name Game (name suggestions for parents who can’t decide), Wishes for Baby, and Guess Baby’s Birth Stats (date, time, weight, length). You can also come up with your own ideas—get as creative as you’d like!

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Finally, remember that a successful shower needs only to leave the parents with fond memories, lots of smiles, and a bit more confidence as they embark on their parenthood journey. 

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