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The Breastfeeding Emoji Is Almost Here

The Breastfeeding Emoji Is Almost Here

Since nearly every art form in the history of humankind has depicted breastfeeding, it should come as no surprise that we were thrilled with Apple’s announcement about the upcoming breastfeeding emoji.

Rachel Lee, RN, of London, first sent her proposal to Unicode in September 2016 with the statement:

“Breastfeeding has existed since the beginning of humanity, and will continue longer than current technology, mobile phones, or emoji for that matter!”

We couldn’t agree more! 

While it may seem like a tiny detail to some, we know how important representation can be. Who knows? Maybe this special emoji will help keep the conversation going and continue to normalize breastfeeding. 

In celebration of everything Rachel and so many others did to give us this perfect image, we just have one thing to say:


celebrating the breastfeeding emoji

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