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Children Will Listen

Children Will Listen

The importance of being a role model

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Careful the things you say, children will listen/careful the things you do, children will see.” ~The Witch Into the Woods

Have you ever had a moment of real clarity?

Someone once asked, “How do you know if you’re a successful parent?”

That threw me a bit. I’d thought a lot about what it would mean for me to be a good parent: I want to be that mom who is always there for her children; I want them to remember me and an everlasting pillar of love and support; I would love for them to think of me as their hero.

But is that the same as being a successful parent?

It is, and it’s not. I think being a good parent is about how your children see you, but being a successful parent is about how your children see themselves and the world around them; it’s about who they become.

I want my boys to see themselves as brave and compassionate. I want them to grow into kind, generous souls who stand up for others and bring out the best in everyone around them.

As I thought more about this, I realized the importance of that aspect of parenting. It’s not enough to tell our children what to do and how to act; we have to model those things.

If we want our children to explore the world, we have to be willing to move out of our comfort zones. If we want our children to care for others, we have to care for others. If we want our children to eat their peas, well…we have to eat them too.

For better or worse, our words and our actions matter.

The way we speak and act will become our children’s conscience.

For me, the only way to make sure I’m a successful parent is to model love and compassion for my boys.

Love never fails; love is the only answer.

Be you bravely,


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