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What Clothes to Wear After a C-section

What Clothes to Wear After a C-section
what to wear after cesarean section

No journey into motherhood is easy, but C-section moms often endure incredibly strenuous labor and recovery experiences, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

You survived months of growing a baby and had major surgery. Maybe you were scared, maybe you were relieved, or maybe you didn’t have time to think about how it would impact you. No matter what, you should be so proud of yourself.

Since a C-section is a major surgery, you might have pain, soreness, itching, numbness, open wounds, constipation, mobility restrictions, sexual discomfort, and delayed milk flow. Take it easy on yourself as you heal; it really is a process. 

As a company by moms for moms, we wanted to share some of our favorite post C-section clothes - as well as a few C-section recovery tips - to help you feel a bit cozier as you recover. We’re partial, of course, but these Kindred Bravely pieces really are the most comfortable clothes for cesarean section recovery and beyond! 

These bump-friendly, C-section-incision-friendly, and nursing-friendly clothes (yup, they're very friendly) are perfect for packing in your hospital bag - along with some of our award-winning nursing bras and a cute going-home outfit for you (and your babe)!

Without further ado, KB moms tell us what to wear after a C-section.

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“Our Bamboo Lounge Pants and High-Waisted Postpartum Underwear were amazing, as well as the Clea Bamboo Long Sleeve Pajama Set. I would've loved to have had the Sublime® Bamboo Maternity Bike Shorts since they're seamless! 

Also, the Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping Bra saved me the second time around. There’s so much going on postpartum, and my babies were both in the NICU. One was tube-fed, so I was exclusively pumping. Not having to sit still and hold my pump in place for 20 minutes at a time, 6-7+ times a day, was so nice. I wish I'd had it my first time around.

I also preferred the Universal Labor & Delivery Gown to my own clothes (or a stiff hospital gown!) while in the hospital.” 

- Kari, 2X emergency C-section mom

“The Louisa Maternity Leggings were the only pair of pants I could wear post-C-section. The high waist supported my whole belly and gave light compression without feeling restrictive. Plus, they held my ice packs or pads in place over my scar perfectly.

I wore them to visit my youngest in the NICU, and they kept my belly covered so I could take my top off for skin-to-skin without feeling exposed. Highly, highly recommend for cesarean recovery!”

- Kori, 4x C-section mom

best underwear for after c-section

“The Postpartum Recovery Underwear was my lifesaver after my C-section! (I really had no idea how important a comfortable pair of undies could be!) I loved that they fit a gel pack or pad, and they were super soft and didn’t irritate my C-section incision.

The five-pack was nice because laundry is the last thing you want to do when recovering. I bought two packs, which was perfect!

I also loved and lived in the Maternity Compression Socks and the Emmaline Robe. My legs were so swollen that I needed compression socks to reduce the swelling. The robe gave easy access for breastfeeding and was super soft!”

- Kristin, 1x C-section mom

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“After both of my C-sections, I needed everything to be as high rise as possible to stay far away from my incision. Our Bamboo Wide Leg Lounge Pants are unbelievably soft and have the high waistline needed in recovery. I also am obsessed with the Chloe Cardigan, and it was the perfect throw-and-go for trips to the NICU or a chilly walk around the hospital.”

- Marissa, 2x emergency C-section mom

“The Clea Sleep Shirt 100%! You couldn't pay me to wear anything with a waistband for weeks post-op.”

- Sophia, 1X emergency C-section mom

Bonus! The moms on our team who’ve had C-sections offered these tips for recovering when you're home from the hospital:

  • Make a plan with your partner to help with middle-of-the-night feedings.
  • Use a stool softener, eat fiber-rich foods, and drink tons of water - a must for postpartum bellies handling pain medication.
  • Believe the doctors when they say to move around - even if it’s just to the snacks!
  • Keep a pillow nearby to hold against your belly when you sneeze, cough, or laugh.
  • A nursing pillow is great for breastfeeding, as it keeps your baby’s weight off your cesarean incision.
  • Practice breastfeeding in the side-lying and clutch/football-hold positions.
  • If you need breastfeeding support, reach out to a lactation counselor or IBCLC.
  • With your doctor’s permission, use a C-section scar treatment cream on your incision so it doesn’t itch. If permitted, keep up with your belly balm or belly oil to help with overall itchiness.
  • Allow yourself to heal emotionally. You can find support on the International Cesarean Awareness Network’s website:

As moms, we understand that C-section recovery can be very tough. Know that we’re rooting for you, hoping our clothes and tips can bring you some comfort as you get to know your little love. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please reach out to your healthcare team with any questions.

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