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Giving Yourself Grace

Giving Yourself Grace

Giving Yourself Grace

We all know the realities of pregnancy and parenting aren’t what they appear on TV and in the movies, but that’s hard to remember when you’re trying to navigate the waters of motherhood. As human beings, we naturally compare ourselves to everyone we come across on a given day, and it’s so easy to feel like you have no hope of living up to what you think motherhood should be.

As much as we think child-rearing should be second nature, it’s not an innate talent. Parenting doesn’t happen in a controlled environment, and there’s no way to plan for every possible outcome of a given situation.

When self-doubt creeps in, try to allow yourself the space to let it go. If today has been hard for you, tomorrow can be better. Remember, you’re not on the same journey as anyone else, and parenting doesn’t have to follow one particular path.

Be you bravely, 

Giving Yourself Grace


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