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Kindred Forever: Comfortable Bras for Every Stage

Kindred Forever: Comfortable Bras for Every Stage

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From the bump to the breast and now, beyond. Kindred Forever brings you the comfortable Kindred Bravely bras and clothing you know and love - without nursing and pumping features.

Moms are always telling us they keep wearing our nursing bras long after their nursing days are over. As a team of moms at all stages of the motherhood journey, so were we. Those of us between babies or past the baby-rearing stage were still wearing our maternity & nursing bras with clips - because Kindred Bravely bras are just that comfortable. And, frankly, having gotten used to that comfort, we just could not deal with ill-fitting bras that dig, rub, and irritate. Bras we couldn’t wait to rip off at the end of the day.

So we decided to do something about it, creating new versions of our favorite Kindred Bravely bras - with no nursing and pumping functionality. Because even if our pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys have come to an end, we still deserve comfort. And so does every woman.

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If you’ve finished your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey but still want to feel supported (both literally and figuratively), Kindred Forever is the bra and clothing collection that provides the comfortable Kindred Bravely products you adore without the nursing clips and pumping layers you might not need. 

If you’ve never shopped Kindred Bravely before and you’re just looking for comfortable wireless bras, welcome! From incredible everyday bras to supportive sports bras to wire-free bras for large breasts, we’ve got you covered.

Kindred Forever (previously known as Davy Piper) is dedicated to making bras that are comfortable, supportive, and wire-free. Bras that feel just as good as your nursing bras did. Bras for the hard-to-fit sizes (busty ladies, we see you). Bras you’ve been hunting for your whole life. 

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We work hard to innovate and test, poring over every design decision in our quest to make intimates that are as comfortable and flattering as possible. We focus on creating timeless styles with ultra-soft fabrics, full-coverage fits, flattering silhouettes, wireless support, and a more inclusive size range.

Perfect for all the places life takes you - daycare drop-off, the office, the gym, out and about, or home - and available in styles and sizes that fit your needs and your body, these non-nursing and non-maternity versions of Kindred Bravely favorites are high quality and backed by a best-in-class customer care team and an active community of supportive women.

Kindred Forever, all the things you love about Kindred Bravely, without nursing and pumping features. So you can stay Kindred. Forever.

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