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20 Great Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

20 Great Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Gifts for moms

2021 20 Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

When Mother's Day rolls around and it's our turn to be celebrated, a complicated mix of emotions and expectations can arise.

Whether you’re a mom or shopping for the mom in your life, the best thing you can do is make sure everyone’s on the same page. This doesn’t mean you can’t have surprises; you just need open communication about how you want to celebrate Mother’s Day.

If you’re an expectant mom, don’t hesitate to celebrate. You’re growing a person; you deserve some attention too. Plus, celebrating is good for the soul!

Below are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts. Share your favorites in the comments!

"Homemade" Gifts

homemade Mother's Day Gift Guide

When I asked our team about their favorite Mother’s Day gifts, everyone raved about presents with a personal touch, which I also love.

1. Stepping stone

One of the KB Moms said, “My family started a tradition (my mom helped my husband start it). Every year the kids make me a stepping stone. I absolutely love this visual reminder of how our family has grown.”

2. Handprint or footprint keepsake

baby footprint, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Most moms we know love capturing just how tiny their baby’s hands and feet are. Whether it’s a kit or a premade keepsake, the mom in your life will cherish this physical reminder of how much her baby has grown and how precious those early days were.

3. Photo bouquet

Get a little crafty. A photo bouquet is a perfect gift for moms who love both flowers and photos. Moms so rarely have time to get photos off their phones, so print some of her favorites for her. Plus, this bouquet is a perennial!

4. Flowering bush, shrub, or tree that you plant together

gardening with kids

Purchase her favorite plant and make sure you have shovels and other gardening tools. Surprise her with this sweet family activity. Whether you’re planting in your lawn or a windowsill garden, each time she looks at this gift, she’ll remember Mother’s Day and how special you made her feel.

5. Memory jar

how to make a memory jar

Fill a mason jar with little notes about cherished traditions, favorite moments together, and the difference she’s made in your life. Include a special pen and pad of paper so you can add to it as new memories are made.

6. New-mom aid kit

new mom aid kit, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Fill a pouch or box with a cotton ball to soften life's blows, a Band-Aid to heal hurt feelings, a battery for extra energy when she’s feeling drained, an eraser to erase any mistakes along the way, a candy kiss to remind her of the simple power of a kiss or a hug, a roll of Life Savers to remind her to ask for and accept help, and a candle to light the way when things seem dark. Get creative!

Stylish Gifts

organic maternity pajamas

Click the photo above to check out the Sloan Organic Cotton Pajama Set.

While some stores push ultra-extravagant Mother’s Day gifts, I asked for comfortable nursing pajamas for every holiday and birthday for years. Nothing is quite as welcoming as a cozy pair of jammies. (That’s one of the reasons I started Kindred Bravely!)

7. Shopping spree

Enhance her wardrobe with something that makes her feel phenomenal. Even a mini shopping spree can feel priceless to a mom who hasn’t been able to spend much time on herself since having a baby. 

8. Gift card to the hairdresser

social distancing at hair salon

To a new mom, a wash and blow-dry can make a huge difference. Or for a mom who hasn’t had a trim since her baby was born, a salon visit can be the perfect gift.

9. Charm bracelet

charm bracelet, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Add new charms each year. One of the KB Moms said, “My husband took me to get a charm for my bracelet. I was pregnant with our oldest, and the lady helping us thought we were crazy since he wasn't born yet, but it meant the world to me.”

10. Nursing gear

shaping nursing bra

Click the photo above to check out the Signature Sublime® Contour Nursing & Maternity Bra.

Treat the mom in your life to comfy maternity and nursing bras, panties, pajamas, and tanks. Our super-special gift set bundles make the perfect Mother's Day gifts (or self-gifts)! Or get her a great pumping bag or a silicone breast pump like the Haakaa. Help make her breastfeeding journey easier! 

11. Double-sided pendant

pendant for mom

She will love pairing a photo of her baby with a thoughtful saying – perhaps one of her favorite sentiments or yours. We also love pendants with baby’s handprints or initials on them. A cameo, with her adorable baby’s profile, can be even sweeter!

Simple but Special Gifts

simple, affordable gifts, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The best Mother’s Day gifts can be simple, thoughtful, and inexpensive. Tears welled in my eyes when my sister presented me with my first Mother’s Day card. It meant so much to realize that she’d been thinking about me not just as a sister but as a mother.

12. Handmade or store-bought card

Add a few extra words of encouragement. Deep down, we all want to hear, “You’re a great mom. I see you, and I appreciate all that you do and all that you are.”

13. Bouquet

Mother's Day flowers

Instead of picking one of the more expensive offerings online, call your local florist and ask, “What can you put together for $20?” Using what they have available and what’s in season, they can arrange and deliver some beautiful blooms. Relatively low-maintenance plants may be even better for a busy mom. One KB Mom said, “My husband bought me an African violet because he said I couldn't kill it. Ha! It is still alive three years later.”

14. Baby name blocks

Personalization Mall, Tinyme, and Etsy make cute blocks that look great in a nursery. Plus, her baby will play with them for years.

15. Themed journal

journal for Mother's Day

Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal is one option for the time-strapped-yet-sentimental mom who wants a journal for herself. Another journal I write in faithfully is Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, which gives me space to write one or two sentences each day and is sure to be appreciated by my kids when they are grown.

16. Spa day (at home if necessary!)

spa at home

Many moms we know crave the relaxation and rejuvenation day spas offer. If a spa trip isn’t an option, set up an in-home spa experience for your partner after the little ones are down for the night. Draw a hot bath, light some candles, and follow it up with a massage using her favorite oil. 

17. Loose-leaf tea and a fun read

tea before bed

Moms don’t get much downtime, but who doesn’t need a few minutes at the end of the day to decompress? Reading and certain herbal teas may help her fall asleep faster so she can get as much rest as possible.

18. Blanket or throw

blanket for Mother's Day

Whether she's taking a moment for herself or snuggling with her family, she'll love a cozy new blanket or throw. There are so many cute and comfy options – you can even get her something personalized.

19. Your time

Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been from friends and loved ones who offered their help. They’ve spent time with my kids so I can go shopping, brought dinner over when I’ve been super busy, and cleaned up the kitchen when I’ve been overwhelmed.

20. Being with family

maternity bathing suits

Breakfast in bed and a family stroll through your neighborhood are great options to kickstart her day. On her first Mother’s Day, one of the KB Moms said she loved her “day out with my little family (just the three of us). We took a drive, got some food, and enjoyed being together.”

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. Some moms take a day off, some spend special quality time with their kids (or their own moms), and some have only a few minutes to celebrate while they try to catch up on work.

Think about what will make her feel seen, valued, and loved. No matter how you choose to spend the day, I hope the suggestions we’ve compiled here help make Mother's Day special.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for New Moms

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