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The New Mom Checklist: 10 Mom Must-Haves

The New Mom Checklist: 10 Mom Must-Haves
new mom must-haves

new mom checklist


We wanted to write a blog about what you actually need as a new mom. Not adorable onesies. Not binkies that double as stuffies. Not diapers (well, at least not baby diapers). The best things in our catalog for new moms - the stuff we, a team of moms, couldn’t live without. 

And we knew we just had to interview the teammate with the newest baby.

Don't call her an expert, but Bree Roberts, our Email Marketing Specialist, recently had her third baby (you may have seen the amazing Rylee in our reels and TikToks) and has serious opinions about all things KB. 

So, without further ado, our New Mom Must-Haves (from an actual new mom):

best nursing pajamas

Clea Bamboo Classic Short Sleeve Pajama Set

The pajamas you need for hot nights and hot flashes. This ultra-soft set can be worn from pregnancy through breastfeeding, and the premium bamboo fabric is breathable and temperature-regulating, keeping you cool and comfortable through the night.

Bree’s Take:

“These are my go-to PJs. The tailoring makes me feel a little more put together during those early days (even with spit-up on the collar).”

PS: Our team loves the entire Clea family for postpartum and beyond, including the Clea Bamboo Classic Long Sleeve Sleep Shirt – a great option for those who get postpartum night sweats – and the Clea Bamboo Classic Long Sleeve Pajama Set – perfect for keeping you warm during night wakings in colder months.

Davy Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set

Super soft jammies = a nursing mom's dream. The pull-down, ruched top makes for easy night feedings, and the wide, stretchy waistband means you’ll be comfortable whether you’re pregnant or postpartum.

Bree’s Take:

“The perfect PJs to rock when you have visitors! My family gave me so many compliments on these (as if I dressed up for their visit), and the discreet nursing access provided a little extra coverage when it was time to nurse.”

breastfeeding pain relief

Soothing Nursing Gel Packs 

Something soothing for nursing and pumping moms. Our soft, smooth, and flexible ice/heat packs provide relief from the aches, pains, and tenderness associated with breastfeeding. Plus, the covers are removable and machine washable – perfect for leaks!

Bree’s Take:

“People don't talk much about the pain of breastfeeding, especially during the first month, but I'm here to tell you, it can really hurt! These breast pads were lifesavers for soothing my sore nipples in the very beginning, and they still help with the pain that comes with the occasional clogged milk duct.”

Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads

Up to eight times more absorbent than the leading washable breast pads and more environmentally friendly than disposable nursing pads, these contoured breast pads are constructed of four ultra-thin layers for ultimate comfort and confidence – and no leaks! 

Bree’s Take:

“Speaking of sore nipples, nothing is worse than taking off your bra at the end of the day and having your disposable nursing pad rip off the scab that was starting to form on your raw nipple! Insert these lifesavers. They were the only breast pads that didn’t stick to my nipples and still kept them dry so they could finally heal.”

best hands-free pumping bra

Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Our best-selling bra is the perfect combination of your favorite nursing and hands-free pumping bras. The patented design features our EasyClip™ so you can wear this comfy, all-in-one bra around the clock for pumping, nursing, or both at the same time!

Bree’s Take: 

“I cannot say enough good things about this bra. This is the first time I've had a hands-free pumping bra during my breastfeeding journey, and I swear by it! Not only can I easily nurse or pump in this bra, but I can securely use a Haakaa to catch my let-down on one side and nurse on the other without worrying about the Haakaa falling off and spilling my precious milk everywhere. A complete game-changer!”

Signature Sublime® Contour Nursing & Maternity Bra

Bye-bye, bunched padding. The comfy, contemporary Contour Bra is the fixed padding nursing T-shirt bra you’ve been searching for, providing effortless contouring and comfort from pregnancy to postpartum.

Bree’s Take:

“Combine the structure of a traditional padded bra with the wire-free comfort of an unlined bra, and you have the Contour Bra. This is my go-to bra for when I actually dress up and get out of the house. It contours, smooths, and clips down for nursing without losing its shape.”

best pumping bra

Sublime® Bamboo Hands-Free Pumping Lounge & Sleep Bra

Pumping moms deserve a good night’s rest! Our Sublime Pumping Sleep Bra simplifies nighttime pumping sessions by combining the comfort of a sleep bra with easy pumping access. No need to change bras or clip and unclip – simply lift the outer layer, and slide your flanges through the openings in the inner layer.

Bree’s Take:

“Not just for sleeping, this bra is also great for the days when I simply can’t be bothered to wear a ‘regular’ bra. It's as soft as a well-worn T-shirt but still provides the support and function I need throughout the day and night.”

Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Support Leggings

Great for the transition from pregnancy to breastfeeding, these premium leggings are specifically engineered to support your growing baby bump and hug your curves. With an ultra-high, stretchy waist panel that reaches up to the underbust, these light-compression leggings fold down for increased support or stay up for extra coverage during pregnancy or while nursing.

Bree’s Take:

“I wore these leggings throughout my pregnancy, and I'm still wearing them four months postpartum! When I was pregnant they supported my growing bump perfectly without stretching out, and now they offer just enough compression to provide tummy control while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. Pro tip: The Pocket Style is the perfect companion for a mom with a baby always in hand. The pockets are large enough to hold your phone, a spare pacifier, or even your baby's bottle!”

best maternity joggers

Everyday Lounge Joggers

These lightweight, stretchy, and super-soft lounge and pajama pants will keep you comfy and cute around the clock, whether you’re out with friends or cuddling your new baby at home. The adjustable drawstring waistband makes them ideal throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. Plus, pockets!

Bree’s Take:

“My favorite soft, light, and fuss-free bottoms. I love that I can live my life in ultimate comfort whether I'm lounging around the house or out running errands.”

Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Tank

All the best features of our hands-free pumping bra are built into our fan-favorite tank, including the super soft, stretchy, and supportive Sublime® fabric moms know and love. With a smooth silhouette and an extra-long, hip-length cut that offers ample coverage, this tank can take you easily from day to night. 

Bree’s Take:
“Much like the Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping Bra, this tank saved me! I love to wear it under cardigans, wrap dresses, or on its own. It provides some tummy control compression while functioning like a pumping bra, giving me options to nurse, pump, or do both at the same time.”

Huge congratulations on your new little love! Enjoy all those newborn snuggles – and don’t forget to take care of yourself too! 

Shop Bree’s picks and more at our New Mom Checklist Collection

Pro tip: Don’t forget undies. Our team is obsessed with the High-Waisted Postpartum Recovery Panties – perfect for those [ahem] adult-diaper days and well beyond – and the Soothing Fourth Trimester Panty – designed for pain relief after vaginal delivery or C-section!

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