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Nursing-Friendly Postpartum Loungewear

Nursing-Friendly Postpartum Loungewear

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 by Kayllie Cooper Felske

My postpartum recovery experience was tough. I felt useless lying in bed for the first few weeks, which is hard for an achiever, type-A personality like me. Don’t get me wrong: I was in newborn bliss hanging out with my sweet baby girl, but while she napped (which newborns do a lot), I found myself feeling kind of gross. My body looked unfamiliar, I was changing diapers (not just my baby’s), and I had taken on a new role of being a milk vending machine.

I did a few things to make me feel good about myself during this slow recovery. Everyone is different in what makes them feel better. For some, it’s eating a comforting meal; for others, it’s lighting a candle and cuddling with a cozy blanket; for me, it’s looking my best. I know this about myself, so I prepared by getting some cute postpartum lounge clothes.

My friends and I loved Kindred Bravely clothes during pregnancy, so I was instantly drawn to their nursing pajamas and loungewear. Since I knew I would spend the majority of time in comfy clothes while my body recovered, I wanted pieces that weren’t skin tight and could hide my adult diaper booty from the occasional visitor. Most importantly, I needed clothes that were nursing-friendly. Here are some of my favorites:

short sleeve nursing pajamas

Clea Bamboo Short Sleeve Pajama Set

I got this set while I was still pregnant, and I’ve worn it more times than I can count! The soft, stretchy fabric worked well with my bump up until delivery, and now that I’m postpartum, these PJs are still my favorite for both sleeping and lounging.

The fabric is such high quality I can reach into my pajama drawer in the middle of the night and know which pieces are Kindred Bravely because they’re made so much better than any other PJs. The buttons are easy for nursing even half-asleep, and the shorts are stretchy and comfortable.

best nightgown for nursing

Clea Bamboo Long Sleeve Sleep Shirt

I brought this to the hospital so I wouldn’t have to wear clothes that put pressure on my uterus after delivery. Just like the Clea Short Sleeve Set, the fabric is premium and so soft. It also has functional buttons that make nursing in long sleeves possible -- especially helpful in my cold hospital room. I loved it during pregnancy because it could accommodate my bump, and it’s so great now for nursing. I know I’ll wear this one for years to come!

nursing tank top

Bamboo Lounge Around Tank and Lounge Shorts

I love a good lounge set, and this one checks all the boxes. The breastfeeding-friendly tank has nursing clips and sewn-in padding, which saves me from fishing for removable pads in the washing machine. I like that the neckline is a little higher and more conservative than many other nursing tanks.

I also purchased the matching Dusty Pink shorts so I would have a full lounge set. They’re the perfect length: long enough to cover my disposable postpartum underwear but not so long that it looks like I’m wearing my husband’s clothes. The cut and seams are very flattering too! 

maternity sweatpants

Everyday Lounge Joggers

I was SO excited to get these joggers in the mail! Most other joggers are too heavy to wear in the Texas heat, but these were perfect! Plus, they’re not too tight, so I could hide my postpartum diaper under them and pull them up and over my belly.

Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Okay, I have one more thing to share that isn’t loungewear, but it’s too good NOT to mention! I was switching back and forth between my nursing bra and (very uncomfortable) pumping bra, and it was a pain! Each time you need to pump, you have to get undressed, change bras, pump, change bras, and then get dressed again… or so I thought! 

Fortunately, I discovered that Kindred Bravely offers the Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra. Yep, a two-in-one! There are two clips on each side: one unclips for pumping, and the other unclips for nursing. It’s genius, and I couldn’t imagine going back to work without it! I was dreading changing bras in the bathroom just to pump. A game-changer! Plus, you can even pump and nurse at the same time!

Since I want other people to experience these incredible clothes, here’s a code to take 20% off your Kindred Bravely purchase: Kayllie20. This code works on everything except bundles, clearance items, and gift cards. Happy shopping!

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