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My Weekend Getaway Packing List for the Nursing Mom

My Weekend Getaway Packing List <br> for the Nursing Mom
packing list for moms

packing list for nursing mom

The past year has been interesting, to say the least, and if you’re like me, you need a vacation! What better place to rest and relax than the beach?

As a breastfeeding mom, I have a lot to prepare for a weekend beach trip. In addition to packing food, toys, towels, and books for my whole family, I also need to make sure I have plenty of nursing-friendly outfits.

When I’m in vacation mode, I don’t worry about following any schedules -- including a feeding schedule -- which means I need to be able to feed my baby whenever and wherever! Having an outfit that’s easy to nurse in makes everything much more relaxed.

As a mom who’s currently nursing my second (and who LOVES a getaway!), I wanted to share my My Weekend Getaway Packing List for the Nursing Mom. All but one of these items are from Kindred Bravely, which makes stylish, comfortable, and functional nursing clothes that will take you from the couch to the beach to the restaurant and back home. The key is packing pieces that you can mix and match to save space.

breastfeeding mom packing list

You can easily adjust this list for any type of weekend getaway! Switch out the Zora Nursing & Maternity Maxi Dress for the Martina Maternity & Postpartum Support Crop Leggings paired with the Layered Athleisure Nursing & Maternity Tank, and you’re ready for a weekend in the mountains or on the lake.

You can also add to your list for a longer vacation (add two shirts, a pair of your favorite jeans, and a sweater or jacket for cooler weather). Wherever your plans take you, this list is a great starting point! To download and print, click here:

While you can make many outfits from the garments above, I’ve listed my five favorites below:

Outfit 1

joggers, lounge pants, maternity sweats

Bamboo Nursing & Maternity Tank Top and Everyday Lounge Joggers

The lightweight Everyday Lounge Joggers are perfect for a road trip! Pair them with the Bamboo Nursing & Maternity Tank for easy breastfeeding access, which is essential on a road trip. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled off the road to stop for a quick nursing break. Time is of the essence when your little one’s hangry!

Outfit 2

Nursing maxi dress, maternity maxi

Zora Nursing & Maternity Maxi Dress

Moms want to feel cute too, and the Zora Maxi Dress is perfect for that! Lightweight enough to keep you cool, this dress will become your go-to! When on vacation, I love eating outdoors, and the Zora Nursing Maxi makes me feel stylish and comfortable. The best part is the easy nursing access!

Outfit 3 

comfortable nursing clothes

Bamboo Nursing & Maternity Tank Top and Bamboo Maternity & Postpartum Lounge Shorts

Mornings are fun, but they can be stressful, even when you’re on vacation. Having a super-soft tank and shorts set to throw on is key! The Bamboo Tank and Shorts are my favorite lounge pieces when I want to stay cool and look cute. You can leave the shirt out, tuck it in, or even tie it for a couple of different looks. The shorts also make a great bottom for the beach!

Outfit 4 

pretty nursing shirt

Everyday Eyelet Nursing & Maternity T-shirt Paired with Casual Shorts

This comfortable, nursing-friendly tee is the perfect choice for grabbing a quick bite or shopping at the outlets. It’s a double-layered shirt, so you’ll have coverage when nursing (no need for a nursing cover). I love the adorable eyelet sleeve detail. Pair it with your favorite jean shorts for a casual but super-sweet breastfeeding outfit. 

Outfit 5

comfortable maternity tank top

Layered Athleisure Nursing & Maternity Tank and Bamboo Maternity & Postpartum Lounge Shorts

I’m all about keeping things simple when traveling. That’s why I always bring my Layered Athleisure Nursing & Maternity Tank. I love the double layer for nursing and coverage. Made of ultra-soft, lightweight, breathable fabric, this top keeps you comfy whether you're running errands, hiking, or exploring with the kiddos. Pair it with the Bamboo Shorts for an easy, comfortable vacation outfit (or with leggings, if it's a bit cooler). 


maternity bathing suit

Shoulder Tie Nursing & Maternity Tankini Top, Low Rise Maternity & Postpartum Bikini Bottoms, and High Rise Maternity & Postpartum Bikini Bottoms

This adorable, nursing-friendly tankini is perfect for the beach and running around! It has a built-in shelf bra, and you just need to untie the strap to nurse. I love that you can pair it with two different bottoms for completely different looks. Don't forget your Sunshine Braided Floppy Hat and Satin Tangle Free Scrunchies


nursing pajamas

Clea Bamboo Short Sleeve Classic Pajama Set

I adore the Clea Bamboo Short Sleeve Classic Pajama Set from Kindred Bravely! The ultra-soft fabric is lightweight and breathable -- exactly what you want after a long day running around chasing little ones! Nursing is a breeze with the button-down access, and the waistband of the shorts is super comfortable. The best part? Pockets!

Weekend Bag 

weekend bag, Itzy Ritzy Weekender

Dream Weekender Hospital & Travel Bag by Itzy Ritzy

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the Dream Weekender bag from Itzy Ritzy. It has over ten different pockets so everything has its place -- very important for busy moms! The bottom has a separate section that’s great at keeping shoes away from clothes. This lightweight, puffer-style bag also works as a beach bag since it’s easy to clean -- just wipe! 

BONUS! Weekend Trip Packing Tips

  1. Use packing cubes to save space and organize. They’re also great for separating dirty and clean clothes on the way home. I love Pack Like A Boss Packing Cubes by Itzy Ritzy.
  2. Pack functional items that allow for mixing and matching.
  3. Wear your bulky items like tennis shoes on the way to your destination and back to save room in your bag.
  4. Bring three swim pieces to create two different looks.
  5. Bring the Weekender Bag to double as your beach bag -- easy to clean with lots of pockets!

I find that the more planning I put into my trip the better the outcome. So cheers to all the moms out there spending weeks planning their three-day trip (then spending weeks after unpacking). It’s all worth it to see those kiddos’ smiling, happy faces!

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