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Sharing Our Blessings

Sharing Our Blessings

A few weeks ago, I asked our BraveMoms what they’re grateful for; their answers filled my heart with happiness, gratitude, and a reminder to keep celebrating the good in my life. It was such an unexpected gift to know what other moms are thankful for.

In reading their thoughts, I found myself remembering little moments of bliss I’d tucked away in my mind: the dreamy look of a just fed baby, the warmth of a tiny hand grasping my finger, and the sweet smile of a baby who believes his mama is the center of the universe.

Since November is a month of giving thanks, I wanted to share the gift of our BraveMoms' blessings with you. I hope that you too can enjoy the wonderful expressions of others’ grateful hearts.


  • Early morning snuggles and quiet time with my little girl
  • Snuggles and time with my little guy; it’s miraculous
  • Three-day weekends and snuggles
  • Time at home snuggling with my baby girl
  • Snuggles and giggles!
  • Staying home, being a mommy
  • Endless snuggles
  • Spending time playing at the park, reading them stories, or cuddling in the morning
  • I'm so grateful for sleepy baby smiles and my little one waking up happy next to me every morning.
  • All the cuddles my kiddo gives!
  • My children’s hugs and kisses


  • My healthy pregnancy; his movements are the best feeling in the world. 
  • My son didn't have to go to the NICU after birth.
  • My daughter is happy and healthy.
  • I have two healthy children
  • My son is an amazing little miracle baby
  • We are all fit and well.
  • My healthy two-month-old baby boy
  • My family is healthy
  • I was lucky enough to be able to have her and she’s healthy and happy!
  • My healthy kids, husband, and self. 
  • The healthy little miracle growing inside me. 


  • My very supportive, caring husband.
  • My husband takes our son out with him every day and teaches him things!
  • A wonderful supportive husband whose main focus is a happy, healthy baby and wife. 
  • The unconditional love of my sweet husband.
  • My husband’s support
  • My supportive spouse!
  • A husband who does all he can to come home and give me some breaks.
  • A loving fiancé who does so much around the house and with our daughter
  • My husband who made breakfast every morning during his paternity leave


  • Our little girl who is so easy going!
  • His smiles and happy, easy going personality
  • She’s the sweetest thing; it brings me so much happiness when she sees me and gets excited and hugs me really tight!
  • Seeing my baby grow and learn!
  • Smiles and cooing from my baby :)
  • Our 6 children from age 9 down to 6 months
  • Each one with their different little idiosyncrasies
  • The smile my son gives me when I walk into his room. I hope I never forget that. 
  • She smiles and laughs and gets excited when I walk into the room. I know that in her, I have a new life-long best friend.
  • Spending time with our 18-month-old. 
  • Extra time spent with my baby and two-and-a-half-year-old
  • Weekend getaways, making memories, and family time we don’t get during the week
  • 5 am feedings before I leave for work when it's just me, the baby, and quiet. I'm able to soak him in without any distractions! 
  • 12 weeks off with my baby girl
  • Having time at home before going back to work
  • Wonderful time spent together
  • My two children. The love they bring, I wouldn't change anything!!! 
  • The sheer joy of waking up to happy, smiling children
  • Grateful for a sweet little rainbow baby girl to round out our two crazy boys!
  • The beautiful smiles I get from my four-month-old daughter whenever she sees. Those are perfect moments that I wouldn't trade for the world.
  • Our sweet daughter: she's a wonderful sleeper, eater, and pooper!
  • The laughs and humor my children give me
  • My two beautiful children
  • The most genuine and heartwarming smiles from my three-month-old daughter

Reading these words of gratitude from other moms helps remind me of what’s important and good in my life: snuggles on the couch, the careless abandon of playing tag on the beach, and our beautiful community of strong and magical BraveMoms.

It’s amazing how focusing on gratefulness puts my heart in the right place. It’s hard to complain when I’m being grateful for all the positives. Thank you so much to the moms who took the time to share their blessings with me. I’m so honored to help you celebrate the things that bring you joy.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, full of snuggles and joy.

Be you bravely,

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