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Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is all-consuming for a while, but it’s a short blip on the radar in the overall scheme of things. Even so, we remain forever changed by the experience. Sure, there is the obvious close bonding that we miss when it’s all over, but there are other things too – stranger things. The KB Moms weighed in on a few of the bizarre things we’ve missed weeks, months, or even years after closing the milk factory and moving onto the busy toddler-chasing years.

“I miss the calories burned! It was the most enjoyable ‘exercise’ ever! I also miss the quiet time and the rhythm of simply sitting down several times a day.”

Deeanne, Founder & CEO

“When I stopped nursing, I missed being able to eat whatever I wanted and burning the extra calories.”

Sophia, Instagram Manager

“I miss being able to take a moment away from large gatherings. My extended family can be somewhat overwhelming, so it was delightful to have an excuse to step back from the commotion for a bit!”

Maggie, Email Manager

Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

“I will miss the sleepy feeling it gives you... makes it so easy to lie down for a nap or go back to sleep at night.”

Shantel, Pinterest Manager

“I'll miss being able to comfort my daughter by breastfeeding. If she is feeling sick, hurt, or scared, breastfeeding ALWAYS comforts her instantly. It's such a sweet feeling to know that it is comfort only I can give her.”

Sarah, Facebook Manager

“I miss not worrying so much when people in the house are sick because I’m passing on antibodies via breast milk. I miss being able to immediately comfort without having to find a bottle, make a bottle, find a pacifier. I loved not having to worry about if I was feeding them the right foods or about packing enough food when out and about.”

Sydney, Outreach Coordinator

Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

"When my baby was around five months old, my breasts produced milk even when other babies cried. I’m still breastfeeding, but it doesn’t happen anymore and I kind of miss it."

Hikari, Senior Designer

“I miss having a sure-fire way to get her to sleep! I love that I have this amazing tool that will put her to sleep if she's tired. It's starting to lose its magic because she never wants to stop moving her body, and it makes me sad -- and tired, ha!”

Hannah, Customer Service Manager

“The oxytocin surge – no matter how tired I am or how much craziness is happening with my other two kiddos at the moment, every time I start breastfeeding the baby I have this sudden feeling of overwhelming love for her!”

Lauren, Outreach Coordinator

Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

We’ll miss the priceless eye contact that makes our tender mom hearts burst; the busy little hands that pat, punch, and tickle all over; the enthusiastic latch and vigorous guzzling that make us feel like goddesses and the pleased milk-drunk expression on our snoozing companion when it’s all done; the hours where time stands still and all we have to do is focus on the cherub-like face before us; and the feel of the warm, soft little body that we carried inside us for so many months, now a real, live miracle in our arms. Most of all, we’ll miss the shared feeling that all we need in life is each other, and everything will be fine.  

Strange Things We Miss About Breastfeeding

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