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Three Tips for Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur

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Dear Fellow Mom Entrepreneurs,

I understand how challenging – and exciting – it can be to begin your journey as a mom entrepreneur. I was there, just a few years ago. Before I started Kindred Bravely, I was a high school math teacher. I had no idea how to become an entrepreneur, and the learning curve was steep. In fact, I’m still learning so much every day, an unexpected and invigorating benefit of my career shift. Since founding Kindred Bravely, I’ve discovered a few things that might help other moms on their journeys as entrepreneurs. Here are three of the most important lessons I’ve learned:

1. Do what you love.

mom entrepreneur, starting your own business, moms adjusting expectations, do what you love

Having young kids can be depleting, and you need something that’s going to energize you, something that will fill your cup, not empty it. It may be hard to figure out what that thing is. Maybe you were never quite sure just what you were passionate about. Maybe having kids fundamentally changed your outlook. Take some time to really reflect. Do you love photography? Do you want a work-from-home set-up? Is there something you could make and sell on Etsy? What do you love? What feeds you?

2. Adjust your expectations.

mom entrepreneur, starting your own business, moms adjusting expectations

Be willing to accept a tiny bit of chaos in your life. I used to be the kind of person who had to wash the dishes every night. When I decided to become a mom entrepreneur, I gave that up, as uncomfortable as it initially was for me. Time is precious, and you have to prioritize your business dream. For me, it meant closing the door to my kids’ room when they were napping. It meant not even walking through the rest of the house because if I did, I knew I would get distracted. It meant going straight to my office where I could be productive. I’ve never really suffered from my dishes not being done at the end of the day, but I was suffering when my expectations weren’t aligned with my reality.

3. Maximize your time.

mom entrepreneur, starting your own business, moms adjusting expectations, priorities

I use my phone all the time to remind me to do things (“Remind me to change the laundry in 30 minutes.” “Remind me to schedule a dentist appointment.”). I “brain dump” into my phone so my mind is freed up to think about business, and only business, during my sometimes-small windows for working. On top of all the other demands of motherhood, we’re often the overall home managers. If all the things that need to get done are running through your head when you’re trying to work – even if you can delegate some of them – you’re probably not going to be very productive. Also, many people say, “I don’t have time.” Get rid of that idea. It’s never a matter of time or bandwidth; it’s always a matter of priority. Find systems that help you prioritize so that you can focus on pursuing your business dream.

Being a mom entrepreneur can be one of the best and hardest things you’ll ever do, but it can change your life. If you’ve found the right thing, it will add energy, vitality, and layers to your life that you didn’t know were missing. It can enrich you in countless ways, and it can make you a better mom.

We’d love to work alongside you as you pursue your business dream. Aiming at becoming a professional blogger or social media influencer? A birth or lactation professional? Just like telling your friends about things you love? If you adore Kindred Bravely and you’re passionate about making moms’ days, we’d love to have you join our Brave Ambassadors Affiliate Program! Click here to visit our affiliate page!

Be you bravely,