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Why We Need Black Breastfeeding Week

Why We Need Black Breastfeeding Week

why we need black breastfeeding week

During National Breastfeeding Month, we have encouraged and celebrated moms at all stages of their journeys with nursing and pumping. For the last week of the month, we’re celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week to increase awareness about the experiences of black women and their families.

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Unfortunately, race plays a large role in why these moms and babies aren't getting what they need. 

We support and encourage all mamas as they navigate motherhood, and we know how validating it is to see yourself reflected in conversations about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenting. 

Black Breastfeeding Week isn’t about separation or segregation; it’s about supporting, highlighting, and amplifying the voices of black mothers, their children, and the generations of people who have been negatively impacted by systemic lack of support, provider bias, and other cultural barriers. 

We’re here to spread love, encouragement, and knowledge. We hope you’ll join our efforts.  

View a list of Black Breastfeeding Week events here.

To learn about some of the challenges facing the black community, watch our Facebook Live event, Why We Need Black Breastfeeding Week:



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