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You Know You're a New Mom When…

You Know You're a New Mom When…

You Know You're a Mom When...

Every Friday, Sophia asks a mom-related question on our Instagram channel.

Since so many of our team members are moms of little ones, we loved reading the responses and swapping stories from our own #newmom days.



We've definitely all been here, from forgetting to re-clip a nursing bra to forgetting to pull a shirt back down, most moms have had that moment of realizing they've been walking around exposed or unsupported.

"…you soak your baby, your clothes, and everything around you in breast milk because you and your newborn are still figuring out this whole breastfeeding thing.” —@sdgiannell

I've heard this from a lot of new moms. Some are worried they'll accidentally bare too much, others are concerned about harsh words from strangers, and others are embarrassed because they feel awkward trying to juggle their baby and their breast. Whatever you're stressing about, try not to worry about it. Breastfeeding is natural and awesome.

“…you're scared to feed in public.” —@meet.the.becketts

Whether leaking without knowing it or accidentally spraying the poor baby in the face, it can be so frustrating to feel you've "spilled milk." I always tried to laugh instead of cry when things like this happen.



Diapers, wipes, extra clothes for the baby, extra clothes for me, lovies, blankies, extra pacifiers, camera, books, snacks, burp clothes, diapers, wipes...

“…you grab the diaper bag but forget to make sure there's diapers inside.” —@rachel.kiernan15 

This always seems to happen when the nearest store is 20 miles away.

"... you only post the sweetest pics and stories of your little. And convey a picture of perfection at all times. I did that with my first... then I learned its way more helpful to other moms (and entertaining) to be brutally honest.” —@mary__lifts

In the age of social media, it's so easy to get discouraged when the reality of our lives doesn't measure up to what we think everyone else is experiencing. Real life is full of highs AND lows, and we LOVE seeing both ends of the spectrum and everything between.



This received a resounding "YES!" from our entire team. One mom noted you can tell it's been a rough day in her house when her coffee cup is still in the microwave at the end of the day.

“…the only way to finally eat is over your sleeping babe and you accidentally drop Parmesan cheese all over him…” —@gatesbrooke5

If being able to snuggle your baby, hold your plate/drink, AND eat without making a big mess or waking him up were an Olympic sport, I know plenty of moms who would bring home the gold. 

“…you're cleaning pee off the wall... for the third time.” —@angelicafaye00

 Nothing can prepare you for the sheer volume (or velocity) of bodily fluids that will come out of such a small person



This resonated with the whole staff. As moms who work at home, we all end up going without a shower for longer stretches than we'd like, and even FIVE minutes all alone in the shower can feel life-changing.

“…your child pees in your bed and you throw a towel down so you can go back to sleep!” —@bostonbreastfeeding

This may be one of the truest MOMents of motherhood!

“…you feel like a real human again changing out of pajamas into clothes.” — @californiaearthmama

 Even though we LOVE our pajamas, and many of us wear them day & night, sometimes the best way to pamper yourself is by putting on "real clothes."

What do you think? Did these responses nail it? How would you answer?


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