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3 Healthcare Pros You Should Know for a Healthy Pregnancy

3 Healthcare Pros You Should Know for a Healthy Pregnancy

Three Healthcare Pros You Should Know

The best way to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy is to follow the advice of your healthcare professionals. From doctors and nurses to pharmacists and dietitians, you need to feel comfortable not only following the recommendations of your healthcare team, but also sharing your questions, concerns, and real behaviors. While a majority of adults don’t tell their doctors the complete truth, there’s no more important time to be honest with your healthcare team than when you’re pregnant.

An OB-GYN or Midwife

If you already have a doctor you love, you’re off to a good start. I ended up changing OBs near the end of my first trimester since the doctor I’d been seeing for my yearly physical wasn’t quite who I needed on my birth team. The earlier you can find the right doctor (or practice) the better.

Find a doctor who respects your birth plan preferences and brings expertise to the delivery room. Talk to the new moms you know to ask for their recommendations. Also, keep in mind where you want to deliver, and look for doctors and midwives who have admitting privileges there.

A Pharmacist

Many moms-to-be forget to tell their pharmacists when they’ve become pregnant. While doctors and midwives know what medications to prescribe, your pharmacist has access to your full prescription history and will have the most recent studies on how medicines can affect women and their pregnancies. They’re also the best professionals to recommend over-the-counter medications for colds and other illnesses.

A Licensed Massage Therapist

Along with the amazing changes your body is making, you may feel muscle tension, nerve pain, and elevated stress. An LMT who specializes in prenatal massage can work wonders to help you relax physically and emotionally. As with everything else, consult with your doctor to ensure prenatal massage will be right for you.

Bottom Line?

The right healthcare team should make you feel confident and comfortable; they should listen to your concerns and take them seriously. They should also alleviate your worries and remind you of how normal and natural pregnancy and delivery are.

Be you bravely,

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3 Health Care Pros You Should Know
Three Healthcare Pros You Should Know for a Healthy Pregnancy


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