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10 Best Nursing Bras - 2023

10 Best Nursing Bras - 2023

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You’re sailing through your pre-baby to-do list. Your nursery is stocked with the haul from your baby shower. You’ve imagined every possible baby gear necessity. Yet one question remains: What will YOU need to accommodate your changing body?

While it can be tempting to make do with the bras you already have, a comfortable nursing bra works with your body, not against it, helping you to enjoy nursing your baby even more. In this article, we explain why you need a great nursing bra and share our top 10 favorite bras.

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Why do you need a nursing bra?

Nursing bras make breastfeeding easier.

Since most regular bras are fairly structured, you may not be able to bring your baby to your breast without taking off your bra or disrobing. Nursing bras (and many of the best maternity bras) are designed with cups that clip down, fold down, or pull aside for quick (and often one-handed) feeding access. The cups can generally accommodate disposable or reusable nursing pads. Paired with the right nursing top, a versatile nursing bra will help you easily feed your little one anywhere.

Nursing bras are comfortable.

The materials used in traditional bras may be uncomfortable for new moms. The type of elastic used in the band of a regular bra can leave itchy red marks; certain fabrics may irritate sore nipples. Narrow shoulder straps may not provide enough support, and underwires may dig into swollen breasts or constrict milk ducts, potentially leading to clogged milk ducts.

Many nursing bras use fabrics like bamboo and cotton, which allow your skin to breathe. In addition, nursing bras often have wider straps to offer more comfortable support and reduce or eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Nursing bras adjust to your body.

Throughout pregnancy,
your breasts may grow up to four cup sizes, and they may grow even more when you’re nursing, especially if you become engorged or have an oversupply of breast milk. As a breastfeeding mom, you may notice your breast size changes from one day to the next. 

In quality nursing bras, breathable fabrics are blended with just the right amount of stretch to allow for normal fluctuations in bra size. Also, every Kindred Bravely bra with a hook-and-eye closure has a bra extender to allow for a broader range of band sizes.

What type of nursing bra should you get?

Just as there are different dresses for different occasions, there are different breastfeeding bras for different needs. For most people, having several different bra styles makes the nursing journey much more comfortable.

It’s also important to consider how your needs may change during the fourth trimester and postpartum period. In the early months, you may be home (and in your maternity pajamas) a lot. You’ll want soft, stretchy fabrics, with flexible sizing and easy access to the breast. 

Later, you may want a more structured bra with foam cups and additional strap support. Read more about our top 10 nursing bras, starting with our beloved Sublime® collection! 

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1. Signature Sublime® Contour Nursing & Maternity Bra

The comfy, contemporary Sublime® Contour Bra is a fixed padding nursing T-shirt bra, providing effortless contouring and comfort from pregnancy to postpartum. Its molded cups define, separate, and shape without shifting; its easy nursing clips allow for convenient feeding and skin-to-skin time; and its stretchy but supportive wireless construction provides all-day comfort. 

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2. Sublime® Adjustable Crossover Nursing & Lounge Bra

The dreamy Sublime Adjustable Crossover Bra is perfect for lounging, running errands, and sleeping. The stretchy, ribbed fabric, soft cups, and crossover design allow for one-handed, pull-aside breastfeeding access, while the adjustable straps help you make it your own. The removable padding helps maintain a smooth shape, and the underwire-free construction means this lounge bra feels amazing all day and night (essential for a nursing and pregnancy bra).

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3. Simply Sublime® Nursing Bra

Our classic Sublime Nursing Bra is buttery soft, with adjustable strap support and removable padding – the perfect everyday bra with convenient full coverage. The drop-down cups are smooth and seamless, and the stretchy fabric allows for fluctuations in cup size. Moms say this bra is supportive enough for daytime activities but comfortable enough for nighttime wear too.

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4. Simply Sublime® Lace Racerback Bra

The Sublime® Lace Racerback is the perfect bra to keep you supported from pregnancy through postpartum and nursing. With soft, stretchy fabric, adjustable straps, and clip-down cups for super-easy nursing, the Sublime Racerback style is ideal for everyday wear, and the flirty, romantic lace accent makes the everyday feel just a bit cuter. This comfy pullover bra even works for sleeping.

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5. Sublime® Nursing Sports Bra

The Sublime Nursing Sports Bra is ideal for low-impact activities like walking, Pilates, and prenatal yoga; plus, it’s made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry throughout your workout. With its comfortable design and nursing clips, this maternity sports bra will take you from pregnancy through breastfeeding—and beyond. Whether you’re breastfeeding your baby or doing Downward Facing Dog, you’ll love this cute sports bra.

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6. Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra

The Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra is the ultimate in comfort and convenience for pumping and nursing moms alike. Whether you pump exclusively or occasionally, you'll love our hands free pump bra, which is made for busy moms and combines the best features of your favorite nursing and pumping bras. The patented design features our unique EasyClip™ so you can wear the same bra all day (or all night) for pumping, nursing, or both at the same time! Say goodbye to awkward bra changing sessions in your office, car, or bathroom. Say hello to comfort and convenience (as essential as your breast pump)!

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7. Sublime® Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra

The Sublime Pumping Sports Bra is great for lower-impact activities, and it’s made from breathable, moisture-wicking, ultra-soft fabric for comfortable workouts. The pullover style has clip-down cups featuring our patented EasyClip™ for nursing or pumping. Underwire-free with removable padding, our double pumping racerback sports bra securely fits all standard pump flanges.

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8. Minimalist Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Plunge Bra

With gorgeous fabric, a sleek profile, and fixed padding (no more bunching!), the Minimalist Pumping Bra is an underwire-free, all-in-one pumping bra. It’s the perfect combination of style and functionality, with a gorgeous plunge silhouette, molded cups, and our patented EasyClip™. Plus, the adjustable straps convert from a traditional back to a racerback, making it even more versatile for moms on the go! 

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9. Ultra Comfort Smooth Classic Nursing Bra

The seamless Ultra Comfort Nursing Bra feels like a second skin. With its laser-cut edges for the smoothest of silhouettes, this bonded bra disappears under clothing. This nursing T-shirt bra has a flattering, versatile cut, and the easy nursing clips mean you’ll be ready to breastfeed whenever hunger strikes! The comfortable, low-profile straps convert to a racerback -- it pairs perfectly with T-shirts and nursing tank tops.

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10. French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra

The French Terry Sleep Bra features a stylish racerback and a simple crossover front that you can easily pull aside with one hand for nursing. Since it doesn’t have clasps, underwire, or exposed elastic, this racerback nursing bra guarantees you nighttime comfort while sleeping, but it’s also ideal for walking, yoga, and lounging. The super-soft, stretchy fabric will make it a favorite for years to come! 

Not sure which nursing bra is best for you?

Whether you're working out, pumping at work, or exclusively pumping, you're sure to find the ideal Kindred Bravely bra. If you’re not quite sure which bra to get, Kindred Bravely is here to help! Whether you need guidance on selecting the right style or size, the Customer Care Team will do whatever it can to assist you with your nursing bra needs and help you find the perfect fit. 

PS: If your nursing journey is coming to an end, check out the super-comfy traditional bras in our Kindred Forever collection.


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