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Bra Care 101: How to Store and Clean Your Bras

Bra Care 101: How to Store and Clean Your Bras

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Bras are one of those things that almost every woman owns but rarely talks about. To help you get the most out of your Kindred Bravely bras, we’re breaking the silence and sharing best practices for bra care. What are your favorite bra-care tips? Share below!

how to store your bras

How to Store Your Bras

If you keep your bras in a drawer, lay flat any that have molded cups, padding, or foam inserts; folding these bras or inverting the cups can damage the shape of the foam that gives you a smooth silhouette. For bras without padding, fold them in half and tuck the straps inside the cups. Give your bras a little space to breathe by loosely nesting them in the drawer.

If hanging your bras works better for you, hang them by both straps rather than just one to prevent any stretching. You can hang your bras on a hanger and put them in the closet; just avoid squashing any padded or foam-lined bras.

how to cycle your bras, bar care

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How to Cycle Your Bras

A lesser-known but important aspect of caring for your bras is to cycle them: avoid wearing the same bra two (or more) days in a row. Wearing a bra multiple days in a row exhausts the elastic and makes it more prone to stretching out.

Giving your bra a break for at least 24 hours allows the elastic to snap back to its original size so that the next time you wear it, it’s almost like the first time you put it on.

We recommend having three of each of your favorite bra styles: one to wash, one to wear, and one to spare!

how to wash your bras

How to Wash Your Bras

We designed our products to be comfortable and soft; gentle washing will help maintain these qualities. If possible, hand wash with mild soap. Remove any padding and submerge your bras in lukewarm water with a little detergent. Allow them to soak, then use your hands to gently work out any breast milk or nipple balm. Rinse well and avoid twisting and squeezing. Wash padding in the same manner.

As moms ourselves, we know just how busy you are, so machine washing your items in a mesh laundry bag on a delicate cycle is another great option. Clasp any hooks or clips to avoid snags. Even a seemingly harmless load of laundry can damage your bras; hooks can get caught in the tulle of a kid’s dress, material can stick to the Velcro of a sleep sack, or a closure can be damaged by something hard or abrasive in the load. Using a lingerie bag when machine washing will help protect your bras and maintain their softness. Washing them with other light fabric on a gentle or delicate cycle also helps; if possible, avoid washing your bras with denim and heavy towels, which can squish and twist a laundry bag.

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Washing frequency depends largely on personal preference. While it’s normal to wear your bra multiple times before laundering it, many breastfeeding moms find that leaks from nursing or pumping often necessitate more frequent washing. Try to refrain from overwashing as it can lead to a shorter bra life.

A great way to avoid overwashing? Disposable or reusable nursing pads! They absorb nipple ointment and breast milk so you don’t have to wash your bras as often.

how to dry your bras

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How to Dry Your Bras

Hang or line drying is the best way to maintain your bras. Hang them by the center part (called the gore) and drape them evenly on a hanger, a clothing rack, a railing, an exercise machine, etc. This is particularly important for our Sublime and Marvella bras, which are made of ultra-soft, stretchy materials that are susceptible to damage in the dryer.

That said, many moms toss their bras into the dryer with the rest of their clothes. Whenever possible, try to use low heat and avoid drying bras with heavy, scratchy, or sharp things like zippers. The high heat that the dryer uses to dry your jeans and towels can damage the elastic of your bras, especially with repeated exposure.

We want your Kindred Bravely bras to last as long as possible, so we hope you find these tips helpful. We know you're busy; implement the tips you find manageable and don’t worry about the rest. If you have any further questions about bra care, be sure to reach out to our Customer Care team.

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