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Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads, the Best Nursing Pads to Keep You Dry

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by Sophia Webster and Jessie Wiener

Kindred Bravely strives to bring comfort and functionality to moms, and with our Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads, we're delivering more confidence to your breastfeeding journey. These reusable breast pads are unlike anything else on the market: contoured, antibacterial, machine washable, non-slip, and extremely absorbent. No matter how busy your day may be, these nursing pads will keep you feeling dry, comfortable, and confident.

First of all, and most importantly, they didn’t leak. They fit well. After putting them in, I actually forgot I was wearing them, which is a testament to their comfort. The molded cup looks much smoother under clothing, especially if you’re wearing a bra made from a thin material. - Michelle 

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Four Layers for Superior Breast Milk Leak Protection

Our fully absorbent nursing pads have four layers to keep you leak-free all day and night:

  1. Wicking fabric - The layer against your breasts allows breast milk to pass through to the absorbent core. This super-soft layer dries within seconds, prevents irritation, and has an antibacterial treatment to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. 
  1. Absorbent core - This ultra-absorbent inner layer traps and locks in your breast milk leaks so your skin and clothes stay completely dry. It also has an antibacterial treatment to keep the pads fresh.
  1. Breathable membrane - This layer is an ultra-protective material that ensures you stay leak-free throughout the day.

  2. Anti-slip fabric - The outer layer that rests against your bra keeps your pads in place so they maintain your shape and don’t shift in your bra.
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We’ve tested extensively to ensure these eco-friendly breast pads don’t leak. Each pad can hold up to 1 ounce (30 mL) of milk -- eight times the absorbency of other washable nursing pads. In fact, our testing also shows that each pad feels 90 times less wet than other leading breast pads!

Staying dry isn’t just for comfort; it’s also for your health. According to IBCLC and RN Shantel Harlin, “Moisture wicking is especially important if new moms are suffering from cracked or damaged nipples. Warm, wet areas and lesions often harbor bacteria and fungus that can lead to problems such as mastitis and thrush.” 

These pads can also help with vasospasm, which can occur when nipples are exposed to cold. According to product tester Stephanie, “These pads kept my nipples dry and warm and really helped with my vasospasm.” Whether you’re nursing or pumping (exclusively or occasionally), our new breastfeeding pads will help keep you dry, comfortable, and healthy!

To learn more about our pads’ leak-proof technology, check out this video:

These new Kindred Bravely Nursing Pads are a game-changer. They are completely seamless and cannot be seen under clothing. Plus they’re super absorbent! I can finally wear tight, light-colored shirts with confidence.          - Monet

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Incredible Shaping and Coverage

Our Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads do more than keep you dry; they also completely transform the shape of your bra. The contoured shape adapts perfectly to the natural shape of your breasts and works well with all bras -- especially ones with little or no padding that don’t offer complete coverage. In fact, the combination of leak-proof confidence and incredible shaping means you can wear these breast pads with non-padded nursing bras and thin shirts without worrying about leaking breasts. 

These worked really well with all my bras. In particular, they were a huge upgrade… when used with my thin, cotton bras. Because they’re fairly thick molded cups, they created a very smooth, discreet look that makes it possible to wear a thin, unpadded bra with a T-shirt. - Emily

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How to Clean Your Reusable Nursing Pads

Because your life is busy enough, we wanted the Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads to be just as easy to wash as they are to use. That’s why we made them machine washable (up to 50 cycles). We recommend rinsing by hand to remove milk, machine washing on gentle, and laying out to dry. But we also understand that you need quick and easy, so throwing them in the dryer occasionally won’t hurt either! 

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What About Disposable Breast Pads?

These nursing pads are designed with comfort in mind. Unlike standard disposable nursing pads, which can be rough on a breastfeeding mom’s sensitive skin, these pads are super soft and washable. They don’t have uncomfortable adhesive strips or material that can chafe sore nipples. Additionally, they help protect your nursing bra from nipple cream stains, and they’re more environmentally friendly than disposable breast pads, which are individually wrapped and single-use only.  

I love these breast pads. While wearing my nursing yoga bra and nursing tank top I wear the nursing pads and they make it look like I'm actually wearing a bra. Does a great job of absorbing leaking breast milk. Cups my breast perfectly. -

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Which Washable Breast Pad Should You Order?

Kindred Bravely has two types of nursing pads: our new Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads and our award-winning, eco-friendly Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads. So which should you order? Both! As with bras, you need different kinds of nursing pads for different occasions. 

The Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads offer maximum leak protection but are also super-comfy. They instantly transform your maternity bra, making it feel like a molded cup bra no matter what type of bra it is, but you may not always want that feeling.

At home and overnight, you may prefer the super-soft bamboo pads that don’t provide much shaping, and the Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads are incredible. You can use them for years (bamboo gets even softer with age), which makes them an amazing deal.

If your milk supply is still regulating, if you’re going to be away from your baby for a while, or if you need extra absorbency, go with the Ultra Absorbent Reusable Breast Pads; they'll provide the best leak protection on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a completely absorbent nursing pad, a breast pad to stay feeling dry and comfortable all day, or the extra confidence of a contoured pad, Kindred Bravely’s Ultra Absorbent Reusable Nursing Pads are sure to tick every box!

I would definitely recommend these. Excellent form and function. My priorities for breast pads, in order of importance, are 1) Truly leak proof 2) Comfortable 3) Look good under clothing. These score high marks on all 3.
- Emily

P.S. Have an FSA/HSA account? Our breast pads may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement. Read more here

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