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What’s the Difference Between a Sleep Bra and an Everyday Bra?

What’s the Difference Between a <br> Sleep Bra and an Everyday Bra?

what's a sleep bra? what bra style is right for me?

Since we get a lot of questions about our different bra styles, we wanted to highlight what makes our bras unique. Every woman deserves a comfortable bra, and we hope this guide helps you find the bra that’s perfect for you.

We have two main categories of bras, determined primarily by the level of support they provide (both types of bras have easy access for nursing and pumping).

Sleep bras are perfect for wearing overnight or around the house. Designed for comfort and light support, they’ll keep your breasts (and nursing pads) where they need to be, but they aren’t meant for higher-impact activities.

Everyday bras provide added support for daytime wear with cups that create a smooth profile under clothes. The more structured cups give additional lift and can also be worn with nursing pads.

different sleep bras

Our light-support sleep bras include the French Terry Racerback, French Terry Scoopback, and Organic Cotton Bras. Each of these bras features a wide chest band for support and comfort, which means you won’t experience any of the cutting or squeezing that can come from a thin, narrow chest band.

french terry nursing bra, maternity bra

Both the French terry and organic cotton fabrics are supple and soft for maximum comfort during pregnancy and nursing when breasts and nipples can be extra sensitive. The crossover design keeps your breasts comfortable and allows for easy pull-aside nursing access (with no uniboob!). There are no hooks or clasps on these bras, so there’s nothing that can poke or prod you. Moms love our sleep bras for at-home wear and especially adore how easy they make late-night nursing sessions.

sublime bra, moderate-support nursing bras, maternity bras

Our moderate-support everyday bras include the Sublime Bras and the Marvella Bras. The Sublime family – the Simply Sublime Bra, Sublime Full-Coverage Bra, Sublime Pumping & Nursing Bra, and Sublime Nursing Sports Bra – are made of knit fabric and feature the perfect blend of softness, stretch, and support. The built-in stretch means these bras accommodate and support you through the fluctuations in size that come with pregnancy and nursing. The Sublime Bras feature adjustable straps with traditional hook closures, so you can wear your bra with a tighter or looser chest band as your rib cage expands and contracts. The pull-on Sports Bra has a snug fit to hold you in while you get your body moving, whether it’s a walk, a yoga class, or your favorite low-impact workout. A clip-down feature, which can be maneuvered one-handed, allows for convenient nursing access. If you’re looking for something that will provide shape and support while still growing with you, the Sublime family is a great option.

marvella bra, structured nursing bras, maternity bras

The Marvella Classic and Marvella Luxe are everyday bras with structured cups. Like all Kindred Bravely bras, they’re underwire free and extremely soft. The molded cups are designed to provide superior comfort and shape. This is an ideal bra for daytime use, and it looks great under both formal and casual attire. The Marvella Classic features a racerback with adjustable straps, while the Luxe straps are convertible and can be worn as a standard back or in a racerback style. The Marvella Bras are best suited to those with an established bra size; while the stretchy chest band can accommodate some fluctuation in the rib cage, the cups are a set size. This bra is made for those who are pregnant and experiencing minimal changes to their cup size or those who have an established milk supply. Like the Sublime family, the Marvella family features adjustable straps and clip-down nursing access. Sizing for these styles is precise, so reach out to our Customer Care Team for help finding the perfect Marvella for your body and phase of motherhood.

Our Customer Care Team is well versed in every Kindred Bravely bra style and is happy to chat or message with you about the style that you’re interested in. We’ve heard all kinds of questions, and nothing brings us more satisfaction than knowing that we helped you find the perfect bra the very first time.

While our award-winning bras have different designs and support levels, there are a few commonalities that make them a favorite among moms: they provide superior comfort, quality, and softness to help meet your body’s needs during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond.

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