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Why We Give

why we give, why generosity is a core value of our company

Generosity was an important part of my upbringing; we lived in a really tight-knit community where neighbors gave to each other in every way. When we got out of school, adults watched whatever kids wandered into their houses. If they were going to get groceries, they’d call a neighbor and ask, “Can I pick you up some bread or milk?” Sometimes they just bought extra because they knew somebody was going to need it.

When my husband and I started planning our family, I knew we’d teach our children about the importance of being generous, and when we decided to start Kindred Bravely, I knew that giving would be part of our company’s DNA.

As Kindred Bravely grows, we keep our company values front and center – and generosity is a huge part of that. From supporting non-profit organizations to helping people in our local communities, we’re always looking for ways to give back or pay it forward.

One of the most important areas we focus our generosity on is customer care. We have a 60-day return window, double that of most online retailers, because we know all about that #momlife and how tricky it can be to get to the post office when you're stuck in bed under a cluster-feeding newborn or a million weeks pregnant and too tired to think. Whether they’re sending a surprise care package to a mom in need or going the extra mile to get a gift to the spouse of a deployed serviceperson, our Customer Care Fit Fairies work to make moms’ days.

A mom reached out to ask when we’d be restocking a specific pair of Brave Socks – she’d been struggling, and the phrase “Baby, You’re Worth It” meant a lot to her. Since we wouldn’t have any arriving on time, we looked everywhere possible in our warehouse and found a pair to send her. It was a small act of kindness, but it meant the world to her (and me!) that we were able to give her what she needed.

-Denise, Customer Care Representative

BraveMoms, Kindred Bravely customer service

We’ve also built an incredibly rich community to support BraveMoms on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, including our Facebook group, KindredMamas; and we are privileged to see moms who bravely make themselves vulnerable be met with the generous advice and encouragement we would hope for every mom.

Another way we love giving back is through our monthly “Random Acts of Generosity.” Each month, every Kindred Bravely employee has a budget of $50 to share however and with whomever they’d like.

One of my love languages is Gift Giving, so it’s really fulfilling to love on others every month. I’ve sent products or meals to new moms, thanked my mom for helping with my kids, helped with cancer fundraisers… and that’s only scratching the surface!

-Sydney, Collaborations Supervisor

My first Random Act of Generosity was to the incredible nurse who helped me through my second delivery. It would be impossible to repay her for the kindness and encouragement she gave me as I labored, but it felt wonderful to send her a nursing bra when she had her second baby.

-Maggie, Email Marketing Manager

When tragedy strikes, we do our best to respond in a meaningful way, by making donations to families and babies affected by wildfires, hurricanes, and accidents.

One week at a team meeting, I mentioned that my friends and I had raised $400 for a mom whose husband suffered a TBI after a hit-and-run biking accident. She had five kids at home, including a newborn, and was now facing unprecedented challenges. After I shared this story, Kindred Bravely matched our donation. I never expected such generosity, but it really solidified for me how all of us moms are in this together!

-Erin, Project Manager

Free bras, 100 Free Bras Giveaway

One of our favorite ways to give back was through our weekly 100 Free Bras Giveaway. The French Terry Racerback Bra is definitely a fan favorite, and since I’m a firm believer in giving people gifts they want, I loved giving moms the chance to nominate themselves or a friend to win a free bra. 

I am frequently able to give through my work. There is always an opportunity to be generous, and I am so grateful for it  and so inspired to weave kindness and giving into my daily life more than ever before. When you give so freely all day at work, it naturally spills over into the rest of your life and sets a tone of generosity. Giving and kindness are contagious!

-Sarah, Social Media Manager

Nearly everyone at Kindred Bravely is a work-from-home mom, and as moms, we know it takes a village, so we’re especially passionate about giving to organizations that support women and their health.

We donate 10% of the purchase price for each sale of the Pink Organic Cotton Bra to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), year round. During the month of October, for the sale of every pink item, we will donate 10% of the purchase price to BCRF. Over the years, we’ve also made substantial donations to March of DimesProject SunshineBreastfeeding WorldHelping MamasMother's Milk Bank at the Rocky Mountain Children's Hospital, and Nurture Project International, which provides support to refugee mothers in Europe and the Middle East.

Free the Girls

We’re also dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs, and we are so proud of our partnership with Free the Girls, a non-profit organization that helps survivors of human trafficking in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Mozambique start their own businesses selling bras in their local communities.

A little closer to home, we also give in our communities in Southern California. All of the returns that don’t go back into inventory find a home with someone who needs them. We’ve donated to many women’s shelters and treatment programs – we gave so much to the Family Recovery Center in Oceanside they had to stop taking our donations! We’ve donated to Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Disabled American Veterans Charity (DAV). Whenever a hospital, WIC clinic, or breastfeeding support group asks for a donation, we always give whatever we can.

I know we can’t give to all causes, but I believe that helping when and how we can makes a difference. I don’t need Kindred Bravely to be known as the most efficient company in the world or even the most profitable, but I’d like us to be known as a generous company because the world needs more generosity.