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KindredMamas: Building a Village

As a new mom, I quickly learned there were two absolute must-haves for me: comfortable clothes and a caring community. I was fortunate to find several encouraging mom groups that were local to me: Stroller Strides, MOPs, and most importantly, a breastfeeding support group, but I knew several women who didn’t have those resources close to them.

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4 Types of Childbirth Classes You Should Know About

One of the best ways to prepare for labor is by attending a birthing class. Whether a day-long class or regular weekly sessions, these classes can help demystify childbirth. Most classes cover signs and stages of labor, how partners can help, and when to call your doctor. 

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#MomLife: Angels and Rainbows

In this guest blog, Kindred Bravely's Pinterest Manager, Shantel, details her story of losing her first pregnancy, "What happens if you lose a baby before you even get to tell anyone you're pregnant? Who do you turn to? How do you keep your composure when no one knows you are hurting deep inside? I never thought I’d have to find the answers to those questions."

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#MomLife: Finding Hope after Loss

In this guest post, Sarah, Kindred Bravely's Facebook Manager, writes about finding her way through the grief of her miscarriage. "It wasn’t until we were in the dark exam room with the ultrasound flickering on the screen above me that I felt my heart sink a little. The little bean on the screen had a flickering heartbeat, but the size and shape looked much different than what I’d seen with my previous pregnancies." 

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Creating a Birth Plan for Induction

Welcoming your baby into the world is a special event, no matter how it happens. Whether you're planning to be induced or you want to be prepared "just in case," our Induction Goals Checklist is a great way to start a conversation with your partner and medical team about how you'd like to experience the birth of your child.

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How to Choose the Right Nursing Bra

Whether you prefer full coverage, light support, or a style with versatility, the three most important aspects of choosing the right bra are fit, function, and feel. Some moms may find they’re comfortable using the same style bra day and night, but other women may need one style of bra sleeping or lounging and another for being more active.

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My Breastfeeding Journey

From the time I found out I was pregnant with my first, there was no doubt in my mind that I would breastfeed. As a mom-to-be, I already wanted to provide my baby with the best quality everything, so I read everything I could on the subject. Positions, signs of a good latch, how to tell my baby was getting enough. Nothing prepared me for the pain.

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31 Terms Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know

While every mom’s breastfeeding journey is unique, many words and phrases make a sudden appearance in everyone’s new vocabulary. Some of these are easy to understand, others may be a little confusing. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, most confusing, and most important words every nursing mom should know.

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7 Breastfeeding Questions from BraveMoms

Since Kindred Bravely is all about the sisterhood and courage of moms, we’ve started a new conversation on Instagram. Any mom can send us her question about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, or parenting, and we’ll share them with our amazing community of moms, who offer suggestions and provide support.

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Know Your Breastfeeding Rights

Stories about moms being shamed for nursing in public go viral all the time, but most moms won't ever experience that type of rudeness. Science and common sense agree that breast milk is the best way to nourish infants, and most people do understand that babies can be unpredictable when it comes to mealtimes. However, since moms often list embarrassment and fear of disapproval as a reason they stop nursing, we want to make sure you’re armed with the right kind of knowledge.

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