NEW Labor & Delivery Gowns

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Labor & Delivery Gowns

Any new mom will tell you that hospital gowns are not soft, comfy, or cute; all too often labor and delivery gowns the hospital gives you are rigid, stiff, and old. When you’re laboring, you want a breathable, ultra-soft, cozy gown that works just as well for nursing your little one. With Velcro closures that extend the full length of both front and back gown openings, the Universal Labor & Delivery Gown pairs the functionality recommended by health care professionals with the comfort of your favorite, super-soft T-shirt. The front opens completely for fetal monitoring, ultrasounds, C-section incision inspections, and skin-to-skin contact (since there are two columns of Velcro, the opening can be folded back to protect your baby’s sensitive skin), while the back opening allows for easy epidural placement. The snaps along both shoulders mean it can be used as a nursing nightgown both at the hospital and at home, and the two large pockets are perfect for your phone and other essentials. Since the gown has no hard-to-tie strings down the back, you’ll be more comfortable in bed and won’t give any unintentional peeks while walking the maternity ward. Plus, the gorgeous designs mean you and your little one will look cute in all those hospital pictures. Super comfortable gowns for your labor & delivery!