SmartTrack FAQ

SmartTrack FAQ

    • In the footer menu of your app, select “Connect,” and you will be prompted to do the following:

      Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on so your SmartTrack Bra can connect to the app.

      Make sure your SmartTrack Bra is nearby (within 5 feet) and that the sensors are in their respective pockets. (See your Quick Start guide for more details.)

      Unclip and lower the left side of your bra so the app can register that this is the left side (unclipping and lowering the bra “wakes up” the sensor so the app can find it). Note: Many moms find it helpful to be wearing their SmartTrack Bra while connecting or syncing, but it’s not necessary to do so.

      Once the left sensor is found, reclip the left side then unclip and lower the right side of the bra.

      Once the right sensor is found, your setup is complete, and you can reclip the right side.

    • To connect for the first time, see “How do I set up my SmartTrack Bra?”. Once you have set up your SmartTrack Bra and recorded feedings while wearing it, you can sync your feedings to your app by tapping “Sync” in the footer menu.

      Once you tap “Sync,” you will be asked if you’re ready to sync (make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and your SmartTrack Bra is within 5 feet). After you confirm you’re ready, the app will start looking for your SmartTrack Bra. You must “wake up” your bra by unclipping and lowering both the left and right sides. Within a few seconds, you will see a screen that tells you how many feedings were successfully synced. The sensors hold up to 50 unique feeding sessions in between syncing.

      Note: In order to reduce Bluetooth use and prolong battery life, the SmartTrack Bra and app will only sync when you tap “Sync” within the app. Your SmartTrack Bra can record up to 50 feedings and will share this information with the app when you sync.

    • Since the sensors in your SmartTrack Bra hold up to 50 unique sessions, the number of times you’ll need to sync in a day or week will vary. For ease of use, you may find it most helpful to sync at the same time(s) each day to make syncing part of your daily routine.

    • A session is the amount of time spent nursing in or for a period of time. A session can be one feeding or a group of feedings, depending on how close together they are. If you start and stop feeding multiple times within 15 minutes (common with cluster feeding), or if you overlap feedings on the left and right side (common when switching sides while nursing or when tandem nursing), the app will group those separate feedings into a single session when displaying the data graphically on the Home screen.

    • Each entry on the “Logs'' tab shows a unique feeding (one side unclipped and reclipped). If these feedings overlap or occur within 15 minutes of each other (common during cluster feeding), they’ll show on the home screen as one session.

    • Yes! By navigating to the Home screen on the app, you can gain helpful insights into your nursing sessions. The first tile on the Home screen indicates the side your last session started on. Most moms choose to alternate which side they start on from one session to the next to ensure a balanced milk supply.

    • The Logs tab defaults to displaying each feeding with the most recent first. You can change the view by using the “Sort” and “Filter” functions at the top of the “Logs” tab. Logs can be sorted by Date (Descending or Ascending), Duration (Descending or Ascending) or filtered by feeding method (Breastfeeding, Pump, or Bottle).

      Note: The Home screen will show a 24-hour view of all feedings regardless of how the Logs tab is filtered or sorted.

    • The SmartTrack System will automatically delete individual feedings that are under one minute or over 60 minutes, as it will assume that the clips were opened inadvertently. If you have a feeding that lasts 60 minutes or more, you can add it to the app manually.

    • Yes! Navigate to the app’s footer menu and select “Add,” which will take you to a screen where you can manually log feedings. You can also use the app’s built-in timer to manually time and track feeds.

    • Yes, you can manually record pumping and bottle-feeding sessions and label the type of session. While the SmartTrack System is primarily designed to track the time you spend feeding your baby rather than the amount your baby consumes, you may find it helpful to note pumping sessions and ounces given by bottle within your log.

      Note: If you plan to track pumping or bottle-feeding sessions, we recommend that you focus either on your output (pumping) or your baby’s intake (bottle-feeding).

    • Navigate to the footer at the bottom of your app screen and select “Logs,” to view a list of all previous feedings. Sort by “Date (Ascending)” to see the oldest log first.

    • Every breastfeeding journey is unique, and every baby has different needs. Your pediatrician or lactation consultant can give you specific recommendations on how frequently you should breastfeed and how long you can expect a session to last. If you have concerns about how frequently your baby is nursing or how much they’re eating, you can discuss your logs with your pediatrician or lactation consultant.

    • Yes! In the early days, adding notes can help you recall information about specific sessions. Some information you could include in your notes are: your baby’s behavior at the breast, whether or not your baby was easy to rouse for the feeding, what position you used and how it worked for you, if you followed the feeding with a pumping session, or if you supplemented with additional milk, etc.

    • To conserve battery life and keep Bluetooth emissions low, the SmartTrack Bra and app will only sync when you tap “Sync” in the app. This way, the Bluetooth transmits for a few seconds at a time instead of constantly.

    • Please contact for assistance.

    • Yes, you should remove the sensors before washing your SmartTrack Bra. They are in easy-to-open pockets within the SmartTrack Bra. Simply remove them from each side before putting your SmartTrack Bra in the laundry. We recommend immediately placing your sensors in your second SmartTrack Bra so you can continue tracking your sessions. However, if both of your SmartTrack Bras will be in the wash at the same time, you can store your sensors in the case that came with your SmartTrack System.

      Note: We recommended washing your SmartTrack Bras in the lingerie bag included in your SmartTrack System.

    • First, make sure your SmartTrack Bra is connected to the app (see “How do I set up my SmartTrack Bra?”). If your bra and app are set up correctly, navigate to the footer menu at the bottom of your app and select “Sync.” If your bra still doesn’t sync, reach out to for more personal assistance.

    • Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, your SmartTrack Bra is nearby (within 5 feet), and the sensors are in place, then try syncing again. If the app still doesn’t find your SmartTrack bra, email for help.

    • The SmartTrack Bra and app may register feedings if you unclipped to start a session but your baby decided not to nurse, if you washed your SmartTrack Bra with the sensors inside (not recommended), or for any number of other #momlife reasons. You can delete these feedings by swiping left on a log and confirming that you’d like to delete it. If you repeatedly see feedings that don’t align with your nursing sessions, email for personal assistance in troubleshooting.

    • Check your Bluetooth connection, make sure your SmartTrack Bra is within 5 feet, and retry syncing. If feedings are still missing, contact for more personal assistance.

    • Yes! Navigate to the Reset Sensors function on the bottom of the Home screen, and follow the prompts.

    • We recommend removing the sensors before putting your SmartTrack Bra in the laundry. You can place them in your other SmartTrack Bra or store them in the case that came with your SmartTrack System.

    • Your body undergoes immense changes during pregnancy and birth. A snug chest band is expected while pregnant, as your rib cage has expanded to make space for your baby. Your ribcage will start to decrease after birth, so don’t panic if the bra feels tight around in the chest band initially. Most women experience an increase of 1-2 cup sizes in the first few weeks after giving birth, so you’ll need extra space in the cups when you’re pregnant.

    • If you’ve tried on your SmartTrack Bra after birth, and you don’t have the right fit, please keep the tags attached and contact for more personal assistance from Kindred Bravely’s Customer Care team. They’ll need to know your current under bust and fullest bust measurements in order to best help you.

    • The SmartTrack System uses a sensor on each side of your bra to track what time it is when you unclip and reclip your bra. The sensor works with a small magnet (sewn into your bra sling) to know when the bra cup is opened and when it is closed. The sensors store up to 50 of these logs. When you sync your SmartTrack Bra to the app, the sensors send all their recorded data via Bluetooth. All this means that you can effortlessly track which side you last nursed on, how long you nursed for, and how long it’s been since you last started nursing.

    • While the SmartTrack Bra is the only Kindred Bravely style that’s designed to work with the sensors inside, you can use the “Add Manual Entry” function to log any nursing sessions you have when you are not wearing your SmartTrack Bra.

    • At this time, the app only allows tracking for one child; however, some moms have used the notes function on the app to keep track of which child(ren) nursed during each session.

    • Yes! Please note that this system does use magnets. The SmartTrack System should not be used by people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, or other medical devices that may be subject to interference by electronic equipment or magnets. This product is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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