3 Exercise Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

3 Exercise Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

There’s some evidence to suggest that active women are better prepared for labor & delivery, and may even recover more quickly. Exercise may also prevent the aches and pains of pregnancy and help you sleep better. Recommendations will vary from woman to woman, and pregnancy to pregnancy, but there a few tips every woman can follow.


Do something you enjoy.

As with any exercise routine, it's much easier to "stick with it" if you like the activity you're doing. If you hated swimming before you were pregnant, now might not be the time to try it again. However, if you’ve always been interested in trying something like yoga, look for a prenatal yoga class near you.


Be gentle with yourself.

As your body changes, your ability to move will change too. Whether you’re thrown off by a shifting center of gravity, or brought down by a pinched nerve, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t do everything you want. Talk to your doctor and look for alternative ways to get moving.


Listen to your doctor.

As with everything else, your medical team will let you know what’s safe for you to do (or try doing). So make sure you’re filling them in on what activities you’re doing and how you’re feeling.


Bottom Line?

Some sort of movement or activity is probably the best thing for you and your baby, but make sure you’re paying attention to your body. Make changes slowly, and touch base with your doctor to ask about signs you should look for.

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3 Exercise Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy