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10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

thoughtful Valentine's gifts

A beautiful bouquet of flowers. Decadent chocolates in a heart-shaped box. A sweet, handwritten note. 

All of these gifts are lovely and would no doubt be appreciated by your loved one. But this Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d give you a few more gift ideas to make the mom in your life feel extra special. 

Whether pregnant, nursing, or beyond, new moms are especially deserving of attention this February 14. To help you give her something she will truly love (or to find that perfect gift for yourself), we asked moms, “What do you really want for Valentine’s Day?”

Gifts That Nurture Her Body and Soul 

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1. Spa Day

The most wished-for gift was some type of spa day for much-needed self-care. One mom mentioned she would love a punch card for several pedicures, while another dreamt of a 90-minute hot stone massage. There’s no need to settle for just one option, though. Most day spas have packages with a variety of services that provide the relaxation and rejuvenation new moms crave. 

Alternatively, set up an in-home spa experience after your little one is down for the night. Draw a hot bath, light some candles, and follow it up with a massage using her favorite oil. 

yoga class, Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom

2. Yoga Class

For the moving mama in your life, another great option is a gift certificate for a yoga class or even a membership to a yoga studio. The opportunity to disconnect from the day-to-day hustle and focus on herself might be just what she needs. Include a new sports bra, pair of yoga pants, or water bottle to make it even more fun – and so she’ll have some presents to unwrap!

low maintenance plants, Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom

3. Low-Maintenance Plants

Instead of buying a short-lived bouquet of roses, consider gifting a plant that will last for years to come – perfect for busy moms! Whether you choose a fruit tree or a set of succulents in cool planters, these alternatives will (hopefully) last longer than a week and boost her mood whenever she sees them.

Personally, I have a terrible track record with keeping plants alive but have been able to sustain both a snake plant and yucca for several years. In addition to looking good, they also improve air quality!

a night away, Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom

4. A Night Away

For the ultimate pampering experience, book your loved one a night away at a hotel—alone. That might sound strange…as though you’re saying, “I love you, now go away,” but according to the moms we talked to, they’d be immensely grateful. She’ll get to do whatever she pleases: read a book, take a nap, explore the city – all without having to worry about the responsibilities that normally consume so much of her time.

Gifts That Provide Comfort and Confidence 

New moms want to be comfortable. This Valentine’s Day, expand your partner’s wardrobe with a few key pieces that will make her feel both cozy and attractive.

Lucille nightgown, Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom

Photo by @thisismamabritt

5. Lucille Nightgown

The Lucille checks all the boxes of typical lingerie – lacy, silky soft, and beautiful—but it is so much more. This piece works for moms in all stages: pregnant, nursing, and postpartum. Its empire waist provides a flattering silhouette, and clip-down cups add functionality for breastfeeding moms. Available in a wide variety of colors, this maternity nightgown will be a go-to for a long time to come!

lace nursing bralette, Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom

6. Lace Nursing Bralette

This black bralette is both sexy and practical. Its stretchy, wire-free structure is perfect for breastfeeding moms who are experiencing a fluctuation in size and also offers easy, pull-aside nursing access. This nursing bra will make your loved one feel beautiful whether at home or in public. It’s especially cute as a statement piece peeking out from a nursing shirt!

Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom, Emmaline Robe

7. Emmaline Robe

This cozy robe with pockets is a must-have for every stage of motherhood. Since the belt can be adjusted to tie above or below the waist, it fits perfectly whether she’s pregnant, postpartum, or beyond. Available in light gray or black, neutrals that pair well with her other loungewear, this maternity robe is made of luxuriously soft material that will make her feel amazing. 

Gifts That Lessen Her Workload 

Some women, especially new moms, prefer receiving some type of helpful service. If the mom in your life values thoughtful acts, consider a more unconventional route with one of the ideas below. 

Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom, cleaning service

8. Cleaning Services

Having a cleaning crew come to the house does not conjure the idea of romance in the way a fancy candlelit dinner does, but for some women, this will make them feel tremendously appreciated. Hiring a reputable individual or company to come in and do the dirty work will not go unnoticed. Deal sites like Groupon often feature discounts on this type of thing too!

Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom, subscription service

Photo by Yvonna Chow @glamouraspirit_

9. A Subscription Service 

For a gift that will truly keep on giving, go with a personalized subscription service. Several companies create monthly bundles for subscribers. You can find boxes for anything from general lifestyle to beauty products to crafting supplies, so there is an option for everyone. 

Not only does this mean your loved one will receive multiple gifts, but each box will also surprise her with something new. She may even discover a product that becomes an all-time favorite! 

Valentine's gifts for moms, Valentine's present for mom, breakfast in bed

10. A Personalized Date

Moms often end up being the schedulers of all things for the family. Why not take the reins and plan a date for her to enjoy? The beauty of this gift is that it can be tailored to fit any mama’s needs: make it day or night, extravagant or economical, even with or without the kids.

Don’t just take her to one of your regular restaurants for a meal; start by making her breakfast in bed, go for a nice walk, and be tourists in your own town by checking out some new-to-you places. You could also sign up for a DIY art class or catch some live music at a local venue. The options for personalized gifts are endless!

There are many different ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day. You can offer her an opportunity for some well-deserved self-care, buy something pretty, or show your adoration in a more unique way.

To make the best choice, think about your Valentine. What will make her feel the most appreciated? Does she prefer to receive things she genuinely needs? Consider these questions as you search for the perfect valentine to let the new mom in your life know just how much she’s loved.

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